Best adventure movie audio problems of 1996

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Independence Day picture

Audio problem: When the Knights deploy their missiles with no results, we see in close-ups as they respond that Steven is Knight 1, Jimmy is Knight 7, and another Marine is Knight 3. After Steven says, "Knight 1. Sweet Luck. Echo, Fox 2," we see a close-up of Knight 3 and hear his voice (not Jimmy's) say, "Knight 7, Fox 2", though he is in fact Knight 3, and Jimmy is Knight 7. (01:00:45)

Super Grover Premium member
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Matilda picture

Audio problem: At the end, when the Wormwoods are leaving on a permanent vacation, Harry says, "Get in the car Melinda." Matilda corrects him and Harry says, "Whatever," but his mouth does not move.

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The Phantom picture

Audio problem: When policemen are pursuing the Phantom in the park, their motorcycle tyres makes sounds and sparkles on the ground as if it was asphalt, but it's dirt.

Dr Wilson
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Twister picture

Audio problem: When the two storm chasing crews have stopped at the Hot Pit Bar-B-Q, in the shot where Bill runs over to beat up Jonas for supposedly stealing his design for Dorothy, Jonas's mouth is not moving and yet we hear him continuing to talk about DOT 3. (00:19:45)

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Flipper picture

Audio problem: When Sandy is underwater fixing the net, Kim places the rope in Flipper's mouth and says, "Bring this to Sandy," but her mouth is not in sync with those words.

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Doctor Who: The Movie picture

Audio problem: As the Doctor is being wheeled through the emergency doors, the emergency room doctors are giving orders about what to do, but none of their lips are moving.

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Dragonheart picture

Audio problem: During the battle in the forest, Kara remarks, "Like a pudding", but her lips hardly move.

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101 Dalmatians picture

Audio problem: When Jasper and Horace answer the door at the DeVil Mansion, Jasper says "Good eve-ning" as he opens the door. But as he says "-ning", the camera shows a front shot of the pair of them, and Jasper's lips aren't moving.

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