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Elogium - S2-E4

Plot hole: In this episode Kes states that she has to decide now whether to have a child or not because Ocampa women can only get pregnant once and deliver one child. If that was the case they would have died out a long time ago, or never even evolved, as two people only getting one offspring would reduce the population to 50% of the original figure each generation.

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Suggested correction: It's also possible that it's simply required of Ocampan women to give birth the first time they go through it, and can then experience it again.

Greg Dwyer

Nothing in the dialogue suggest Ocampa's can have additional children. While we can speculate about fictitious species, it's still a plot hole due to writing. Kes states she's going through the "elogium" which is a time of change where her body prepares for fertilization. She then explicit states the "elogium" only occurs once. While the doctor compares it to puberty, the elogium is both sexual maturity and "heat", that is, the time a female is ready for fertilization.


But it doesn't ever state the normalcy of birthing for Ocompans. Perhaps sextuplets is the norm?

Kes frequently used the word "child." If it was normal to give birth to more than one, she would know this and should say "children."


Do not forget that this is all done through the universal translator. For all you know the Ocompan word for child and children is the same so the translator cannot tell the difference.

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Plot hole: In the episode where the Sliders go to the world where Quinn sees himself as a child attending his father's funeral. Quinn helps his young self deal with bullies. Quinn repeatedly mentions is was all happening the way it did on Earth Prime. The flaw here is that in the Series Premier episode, they showed a picture of Quinn, his mom and dad. Quinn was a teenager in that picture, not a kid. Therefore the events in the alternate world they were visiting could not be happening the exact same way. The man in the picture is the same man shown as his father in the other worlds so it cannot be a "stepfather" that his mom remarried.

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The Ides of March - S4-E21

Plot hole: Xena is posing as a guard outside of Caesar's office. She knocks out the 2nd guard and throws him on the ground. Moments later, about 10 guards walk by, but no one notices the passed-out guard on the floor. (00:14:40)

Jack's Revenge

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Drew and the Motorcycle - S6-E19

Plot hole: In this episode, Drew acts like he is "Kyle", an alter ego he creates once he gets a motorcycle and starts to date the insurance agent who stops by. During the scene where the insurance agent, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are in the kitchen, Lewis grabs the pan to hit the insurance agent over the head and Drew fights with him, Lewis responds "Drew" and the scene goes on normally. Lewis calls Drew Drew, not Kyle, as he is supposed to be called. If the insurance agent had heard him be called Drew, she would have known it was Drew, and not Kyle, all along.

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JAG (1995)

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Cowboys and Cossacks - S2-E14

Plot hole: When the radar man of the USS Cayuga describes a radar reading to likely be "One of the Russian cruisers", the commanding officer of the USS decides not to pursue it saying, "We are after bigger fish today - I want the Vasilyev". In the film, the Vasilyev is depicted as a destroyer, which is a smaller and lighter ship than a cruiser. In this context, the cruiser would be a "bigger fish" than the Vasilyev and the CO should pursue it instead if he was after the larger, more dangerous vessels as he seems to declare.

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Attack Of The Mutant (1) - S2-E2

Plot hole: Skipper spots the Masked Mutant's headquarters the first time he goes past. He then goes back the next day, and the headquarters have vanished. He then goes back a third time, and the headquarters aren't there yet again. However Skipper says "How can it be. It was right here yesterday," although it wasn't.

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Plot hole: In Pemberley, Caroline Bingley refers to an utterance of Darcy ("I should as soon call her mother a wit") that he made after coming home to Netherfield after their first ball in Meryton. Falsely she says he made this expression "after they had been dining at Netherfield". This is a direct quotation from the novel and is not coherent with the film plot in which this utterance is made after the first ball.

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The Gauntlet - S1-E12

Plot hole: It is pretty obvious that Hercules and Iloran are not responsible for destroying Spiros' village. Spiros saw the two of them, investigating the ruins unarmed, only when all the fires had long since died down.

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Plot hole: Everyone is puzzling over who pushed Clare Cunningham off The Loft steps. However, when she comes out of The Loft onto the steps just before she is pushed, a CCTV camera is visible above the door covering where she was pushed, meaning that whoever did it should have been recorded. Even if this camera is not real, Warren stated that he would be able to "have you're (Katy and Louise's) every move on CCTV", meaning that somewhere in The Loft Justin would have been captured on camera.

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