Best horror movie revealing mistakes of 1995

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The Langoliers picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, as they approach LAX, the woman says there is nobody on the ground, that it's just the same as Bangor, but actually you can see a few cars moving on the ground.

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Dracula: Dead and Loving It picture

Revealing mistake: When Dracula goes to grab the cell bars on the window to free Reinfeld, the bars are obviously not metal as they shake and have a slight bend to them.

unkajes Premium member
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Species picture

Revealing mistake: When Sil fakes her death, the breaker box explodes before the car hits it.

Grumpy Scot
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Demon Knight picture

Revealing mistake: Brayker shoots The Collector through the eye with an arrow just after he's collected the key from Roach. You can see the section of the arrow shaft that sticks out the back of The Collector's head bend as his head hits the floor after he falls over the upstairs railing and crashes through the coffee table.

Phixius Premium member
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Children of the Corn III picture

Revealing mistake: When Eli goes into the building after moving the planks in the fence, you see the wall of the building shake. (00:15:35)

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Lord of Illusions picture

Revealing mistake: As the leader talks to those assembled, the ball of fire in his hand is very transparent, showing that it was matted into the shot.

Movie Nut
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The Prophecy picture

Revealing mistake: After Lucifer kills Gabriel, we get close-ups of Lucifer where the outline of his contact lenses are visible.

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Copycat picture

Revealing mistake: The fight scene between Peter Kurten and Andy outside the gay bar is viewed from behind a metal gate. Peter smashes Andy's head into the gate twice. The bars of the metal gate bend towards the camera as if they are made of rubber.

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Virtuosity picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Sid has had his hand blown to pieces, and he is running, you can see that that arm is longer than the other, that the damaged hand has been attached to Russel's arm.

Jacob La Cour
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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers picture

Revealing mistake: When John Strode is electrocuted, his head explodes twice.

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Village of the Damned picture

Revealing mistake: When the eye doctor becomes hypnotized to put the wrong drops in her own eyes, if you watch the bottle nothing ever comes out of it that could cause her to scream.

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Tales From the Hood picture

Revealing mistake: When the tube is being inserted into Crazy K's nose, an imperfection in the tube is visible near the orderly's fingers. It doesn't move, despite the orderly "inserting" the tube.

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Darkman II: The Return of Durant picture

Revealing mistake: After stealing the battery out of Durant's weapon near the end, as Westlake says "Batteries not included", you can see the actor's undamaged lips under the fake burn prosthetics on his face and mouth. (Look underneath the exposed teeth where his lips supposedly were burned off.).

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Evolver picture

Revealing mistake: When Dwight is falling down the stairs, you can easily tell that it's a (much older) stuntman.

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Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh picture

Revealing mistake: When Annie's boyfriend is killed, she runs over to Candyman and scratches his face open and bees pour out. You can easily see the head is a prop.

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