Best biography movie continuity mistakes of 1995

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Braveheart picture

Continuity mistake: In a major fight scene two soldiers on opposite sides are jumping and spinning and tapping each other on the head with their swords.

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Nixon picture

Continuity mistake: In the B&W newsclip scenes, Mr. Hopkins is wearing a prosthesis to make his nose longer, a la Nixon. This appliance was apparently jettisoned for the main shoot.

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Rob Roy picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, as Rob Roy is negotiating the duel, watch his hands - they switch from his sides to in front of him 2 or 3 times in different shots.

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The Basketball Diaries picture

Continuity mistake: When Jim attempts to escape Reggie's apartment while having the withdrawals, from the close-up shot it is clear his legs are inside the room, but when Reggie tries to pick him up, Jim is now sitting across the doorway.

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Total Eclipse picture

Continuity mistake: When Verlaine throws the fish and flour at Rimbaud in a fit of rage, we can see that the fish lands nowhere below the window. However, when Rimbaud climbs out of the window, he slips on the fish.

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Wild Bill picture

Continuity mistake: After Bills long stay at the Chinese drug den. He goes to the bar and Jane uses the crank mixer to mix a drink. 1st cut she's cranking forwards - then cut from behind her, she is cranking backwards - then cut to in front of her, and she's cranking forwards again. (01:06:15)

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