Best TV audio problems of 1994

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Friends picture

The One With The Routine - S6-E10

Audio problem: When Ross has finished telling everyone the story of the dreidel, we cut to Monica and Chandler's reaction shot which shows Ross' mouth moving even though he is not talking. (00:01:30)

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The Vicar of Dibley picture

Dibley Live - S2-E1

Audio problem: During the scene where Jim and Owen are trying to bribe the Vicar with chocolates, just after they take them back, you can hear a mysterious voice say "chocolates". The only person who this sounds like is Jim, but in the next shot, his lips aren't moving.

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ER (1994)

ER picture

Ground Zero - S4-E6

Audio problem: When Greene is outside by the river explaining what happened to him, there are a couple of really bad sound edits in the background noise. These are really obvious as the sound suddenly changes, and for some reason the background noise in this scene is very loud, almost as loud as the dialogue; very strange.

David Mercier
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Ellen picture

The Shower Scene - S3-E3

Audio problem: Right at the end after Heather reveals that Ellen taped over the birthing tape with an episode of thirtysomething, someone says "which one" but no one in the crowd moves their lips.

luke f
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Spider-Man picture

Six Forgotten Warriors Chapter 3: Secrets of the Six - S5-E4

Audio problem: When Kingpin is asking Scorpion if he is the traitor, his mouth movement is not in sync with the dialogue.

Phaneron Premium member
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The Secret World of Alex Mack picture

The Accident - S1-E1

Audio problem: After school when Alex and Ray are walking the camera is far away but you can see that the sound of the person that is talking is different than who is seen talking.

Bowling255 Premium member
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Babylon 5 picture

Comes the Inquisitor - S2-E21

Audio problem: In the last scene of the episode Sheridan says to Mr. Sebastian "The morning after the last of a string of murders in the East End." His lips however, say West End instead of East End. The script and initial broadcast used the words East End, but after it was pointed out that this was factually incorrect, the line was dubbed over for all subsequent broadcasts and releases. (00:38:50)

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Fantastic Four: The Animated Series picture

The Origin of the Fantastic Four: Part 1 - S1-E1

Audio problem: When Sue is saying "Reed, Johnny's on fire," her mouth is closed for the word "fire."

Phaneron Premium member
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