Best action TV factual errors of 1994

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Babylon 5 picture

The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father - S5-E13

Factual error: Bester lifts the blanket covering the bloody corpse of Harris' roommate. The man hasn't been dead long enough for the blood to dry, so there should be blood-transfer on the underside of the blanket - but there's not a spot on it.

Jean G
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Spider-Man picture

Neogenic Nightmare Chapter 6: Morbius - S2-E6

Factual error: When Morbius is comatose at the hospital after reverting to his human form following his battle with Spider-Man, he is still wearing his trenchcoat, pants, boots, etc. The hospital staff wouldn't leave him in his outfit, they would dress him in a hospital gown. On top of that, he isn't even hooked up to any monitors.

Phaneron Premium member
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