Best history movie quotes of 1994

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The Madness of King George picture

Warren: When will you get it into your head that one can produce a copious, regular and exquisitely turned evacuation every day of the week and still be a stranger to reason.

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Quiz Show picture

Herbie Stemple: Come and see Herbie Stempel get thrown to the Columbia lions! Watch Charles Van Doren eat his first kosher meal in his life.

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Wyatt Earp picture

Nicholas Earp: Do you think you're the first person to lose someone? That's what life is all about, loss! But we don't use it as an excuse to destroy ourselves. We go on, all of us.

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Legend of the Red Dragon picture

Red Bean: Need a hand?
Hung Man Ting: Can you help me get these stains out of my dad's underwear?
Red Bean: ...ummm.

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