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Prêt-à-Porter picture

Kitty Potter: This is fucking fruitcake time. I mean - is that fashion, is it? I mean is there a message out there? I mean you got lot of naked people wandering around here.

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S.F.W picture

Cliff Spab: I'd like to live forever... but only for a little while.

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Dellamorte Dellamore picture

Francesco Dellamorte: You're supposed to be setting a good example, now will you get back to your coffin immediately.

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Beverly Hills Cop III picture

Serge: Now, one thing's very important. At the survival boutiqua, I feel that it's my personality, that's it's my philosophy that everything must conform to the three P's, OK? Which is, protection. Prestige. And pretty. I mean, why should you look ugly if you're just trying to survive?

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We Wish You a Turtle Christmas picture

Raphael: Oh no, he's turning into that opera guy again.

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The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert picture

Felicia: Oh, you can't do that with a ping-pong ball.
Bernadette: Do you wanna bet?

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Postino, Il picture

Mario Ruoppolo: Your laugh is a sudden silvery wave.

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Clifford picture

Martin Daniels: If you even look at me wrong. If you do one thing that I find weird, which is, you know, like, your middle name... See? You're doing it right now. Can you just act like a human boy for one minute here? Look at me like a person! You can't do it for more than a few seconds. Look at me like a human boy.

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A Low Down Dirty Shame picture

Shame: Salt-N-Pepa must had a garage sale.

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I.Q. picture

Bob Rosetti: This has gotta be the dumbest thing anybody ever did to impress a dame.

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Corrina, Corrina picture

Molly: My daddy doesn't think she's in heaven.
Corrina Washington: Well, that's probably just because your daddy is so jealous of the angels. He's so jealous, he can't even stand to think about those angels who get to play with your mommy all day long. And he's hurting just like you're hurting, and you're going to hurt for a long time. Every day it'll get a little better, but you'll always miss your mommy, and that's okay.

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Shallow Grave picture

Alex Law: I'm so happy I could DIE.

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Love Affair picture

Terry McKay: I guess I'm happy when I don't want to be anywhere else but where I am.

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Major League II picture

Jake Taylor: Rube, you look at Playboy all the time, don't you?
Rube Baker: I don't just look at it. I read the articles.
Jake Taylor: Sure you do.
Rube Baker: I do. I especially like it when they mention the girls' interests, like Betsy loves surfing.
Jake Taylor: You even memorize them?
Rube Baker: Yep. I guess I do.
Jake Taylor: Bingo.

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Don Juan DeMarco picture

Don Juan: There are only four questions of value in life, Don Octavio. What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: only love.

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Wagons East picture

John Slade: The name's Slade.
Julian Rogers: Super. Here's an idea. Why don't you spell it out for me so I can get it right on your tombstone.

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Only You picture

Peter: Realistically, like, what are the odds that he's, like, some extra super double terrific guy.
Kate Corvatch: 10 billion to one?
Peter: Exactly.

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My Girl 2 picture

Kevin: Vada, if bullshit wore a bra, you'd be top heavy.

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Legend of the Drunken Master picture

Senior in restaurant #1: If you have job, you wear the pants.

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Radioland Murders picture

Claudette: I've told you, not to bother me before a show, or after a show. Or, at home in my bedroom, when I'm thinking about a show.

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