Best comedy movie plot holes of 1994

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Little Giants picture

Plot hole: In the Cowboys' last possession of the final game, Spike makes a long run before being stopped on the goal line. The Cowboys' next play is a run up the middle. The Little Giants stop the run and the Cowboys lose possession, but since that was the first possession of a new set of downs, the Cowboys would have three more chances to score.

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Beverly Hills Cop III picture

Plot hole: Uncle Dave, the elderly owner of Wonder World, takes a bullet to the torso, yet he is able to stand at a podium to introduce the new character, while all three of the erstwhile heroes, who received arm wounds, are in wheelchairs.

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Reality Bites picture

Plot hole: When Lalaina is in her depressed "Bell Jar" phase, she's complaining to the psychic hotline counselor that she's freaked out by the idea of having kids because she "can't even take care of a Chia Pet". But earlier in her documentary, she'd talked about how starting at age 13 she had to become the responsible one, buying food, taking care of and parenting her siblings. Which contradicts the portrayal of her as someone who can't take care of anything.

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Clifford picture

Plot hole: How does Clifford, a ten-year-old boy, manage to steal a stereo, a surfboard and a dog from the airport without being caught?

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Shallow Grave picture

Plot hole: When Juliet and David spend some money, they are seen watching a tape of the footage they filmed with a new camcorder. When Alex is in the bath, we see him with the camcorder (it is not a reflection in the mirror) - where did the second one come from?

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PCU picture

Plot hole: When the Daves steal the liquor bar, the jock/bartender is looking right in their direction, yet doesn't notice this huge bar on skateboards. Granted, he's an idiot - but he wasn't blind.

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The Flintstones picture

Plot hole: Barney and Fred's test slabs are not chiseled, as Barney takes them up. (00:23:00)

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The Scout picture

Plot hole: In the World Series game at the end of the movie, the scoreboard shows that the game is scoreless up until the very end. But Brendan Fraser is portrayed as an amazing phenom who hits home runs every single time he comes up. He obviously failed to hit a home run the first few times up in that game.

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3 Ninjas Kick Back picture

Plot hole: When the 3 ninjas' Grandpa is in hospital, he phones them and complains that no-one at the hospital speaks English. Not only is this a strange complaint to make about a hospital in Japan, but later in the film he is seen speaking in Japanese. He should therefore be able to easily communicate with people at the hospital.

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Blank Check picture

Plot hole: To buy the house, Preston would have had to sign some papers in-person, and no realtor would let a young child act as an intermediary (for "Mr. Macintosh") for such a legal procedure.

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective picture

Plot hole: When Ace is in the boat dock he and Einhorn fight. He grabs her hair and hits her head on a pole. Later, when he is revealing her true identity he tries to pull off her wig. He would have known it wasn't a wig from the fight. (01:13:50)

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It Could Happen To You picture

Plot hole: After the robbery scene, the partner sends in the other cops and says that there is another one inside. How did he know this? No one told him, and the other robber was obscured by shelves in the door so he could not be seen.

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Dumb and Dumber picture

Plot hole: After Lloyd's encounter with Seabass in the restroom at the gas station, we see the FBI waiting for Harry and Lloyd at the Colorado border (we even see a front shot of the road and mileage sign), and there is no town in sight. Then we see Harry and Lloyd 3 miles from the border, driving toward it, where the FBI are waiting. Then we see Lloyd coming out of a market in a little town, after which, upon leaving the town, he drives in the wrong direction. How did they suddenly come upon this little town, especially when they were only 3 miles from the border? Did they turn around, or what happened? (In the unrated version, the van scene 3 miles from the border is extended, and it seems that they would have reached the border, and the FBI, by now.) The whole scene here is pretty confusing.

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Baby's Day Out picture

New this month Plot hole: There is a scene setting up the nonsensical resolution of the plot, when the policeman recaps the various baby sightings. First; he already got 'fake' reports he chased, there was a scene about that, let's ignore the fact that certainly he would have gotten more like that and he conveniently for the plot lists just the few relevant ones. Second; the baby was kidnapped at 10 and the baby sighting on the bus happens "in the morning." Then the zoo sighting happens "at 3 o'clock." The construction site closes at 5 o'clock. Even forgetting the superior stamina of the 9 months baby that has been walking a whole day without a break, that's a lot of stretch for the actions as shown in the movie, in particular the time between the bus and the zoo; the bad guys would have been loitering in search of the baby for hours between the bus incident and the moment when he leaves the department store to get to the zoo.

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