Best adventure movie plot holes of 1994

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The War picture

Plot hole: Stephen dies after he was "taken off machines", at least so his wife tells the kids. But when he was shown in the hospital he was attached to no life-supporting machines except an oxygen tube in his nose. (01:33:25)

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On Deadly Ground picture

Plot hole: Towards the end of the movie we see Steven Seagal telling a room full of reporters and Native Americans that we must not pollute our planet by using oil. That we must find alternatives to crude oil and not harm or further damage our atmosphere. During the course of the movie Steven blows up a helicopter, explodes a satchel bomb on pristine terrain, and lastly blows up an entire oil refinery that rains havoc on the environment by polluting the water, air and soil with crude oil and dead bodies he is voicing to protect.

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New this month Suggested correction: A character being potentially hypocritical isn't a plot hole. Taft believed all his actions were for the greater good and that shutting down the refinery by any means was a necessary act. Telling people after the fact that they need to care more about the environment isn't a movie mistake at all, it's just the character's opinion.

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Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur picture

Plot hole: This TV movie uses a lot of flashbacks to the previous 4 installments, by having people saying to each other, "Hey, remember that time when we..." a bit more than usual. In the village of the Minotaur, Iolaus remembers the fight from Hercules and the Amazon Women where he dies. That is also the reason why this flashback is interrupted just before that point. But at the end of the Amazon Women story Hercules used magic to jump back in time and change history so that the whole adventure had never happened (next making sure that it would not happen all over again). Obviously they wanted to use some cool action footage from all the TV films. But Iolaus could not remember these events as it happened in some cancelled version of the future. (Hercules remembers, but he wasn't going to tell anyone, and that's what we have to go on).

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The NeverEnding Story III picture

Plot hole: Towards the end of "The NeverEnding Story 2", Bastian's dad became aware of his son's adventures in Fantasia. Yet, in this film, he reacts to the news about Bastian stealing the NeverEnding Story as if he's never heard of the book before. Adding to that, he does not recognize the Auryn on his son's sweater nor does he know what it can do.

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Black Beauty picture

Plot hole: When Joe takes Black Beauty and Ginger away from Birwick Park to their new home, he is about 11 years old. When next Beauty sees him at the fair, he has aged to his early/mid twenties. This would indicate that Beauty had been at the home of the Lord and Lady Wexmire for about 10 years but not a single character in the household ages a day during his time there. His stay would appear much briefer than that.

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Dumb and Dumber picture

Plot hole: After Lloyd's encounter with Seabass in the restroom at the gas station, we see the FBI waiting for Harry and Lloyd at the Colorado border (we even see a front shot of the road and mileage sign), and there is no town in sight. Then we see Harry and Lloyd 3 miles from the border, driving toward it, where the FBI are waiting. Then we see Lloyd coming out of a market in a little town, after which, upon leaving the town, he drives in the wrong direction. How did they suddenly come upon this little town, especially when they were only 3 miles from the border? Did they turn around, or what happened? (In the unrated version, the van scene 3 miles from the border is extended, and it seems that they would have reached the border, and the FBI, by now.) The whole scene here is pretty confusing.

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Suggested correction: Why couldn't this little town be inside those 3 miles? They stop there right after they talk, Lloyd made the wrong turn, maybe, 200 yards from the cops on the border, and they didn't see him at night... What's wrong?

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Baby's Day Out picture

Plot hole: There is a scene setting up the nonsensical resolution of the plot, when the policeman recaps the various baby sightings. First; he already got 'fake' reports he chased, there was a scene about that, let's ignore the fact that certainly he would have gotten more like that and he conveniently for the plot lists just the few relevant ones. Second; the baby was kidnapped at 10 and the baby sighting on the bus happens "in the morning." Then the zoo sighting happens "at 3 o'clock." The construction site closes at 5 o'clock. Even forgetting the superior stamina of the 9 months baby that has been walking a whole day without a break, that's a lot of stretch for the actions as shown in the movie, in particular the time between the bus and the zoo; the bad guys would have been loitering in search of the baby for hours between the bus incident and the moment when he leaves the department store to get to the zoo.

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