Best adventure movie mistakes of 1994

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The Jungle Book picture

Revealing mistake: In several scenes, it is obvious that the animal actor playing Bagheera is actually a black jaguar. For example, the jaguar is larger and heavier than the leopard/panther. The scene where Bagheera tackles a poacher, he is much to large and heavy to be a leopard/panther.

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Camp Nowhere picture

Audio problem: In the scene when Mud and his "dad" are getting ready for Celeste to come over, Mud bounces a basketball across a hardwood floor but it makes no sound.

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The Pagemaster picture

Audio problem: About halfway through the movie, Richard and Fantasy reunite on the island. Richard says, "Fantasy." and Fantasy responds with, "Well, what were you expecting honey? The tooth fairy?" When she says "the tooth fairy" her lips are saying something completely different (and it's even worse, since it's a close-up of her face).

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Surviving the Game picture

Factual error: Near the end of the film, the movie changes locations to Seattle. A skyline is shown and it is identified as Seattle. The city skyline that is shown is actually Philadelphia.

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Trapped in Paradise picture

Continuity mistake: While Bill waits for his brothers in the car, he looks toward the store and watches his brothers inside. The first shot of Bill's perspective of looking at the store, there is a reggae black man walking by. Then it switches back to Bill's face, then again at the store and the man walks by the window a second time in the same direction. When Bill gets out of the car and crosses the street the black man walks by a third time.

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The NeverEnding Story III picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire movie, the irregularly-sized characters are constantly changing size when compared to one-another. Except for Barky (even Junior, he is awfully big for a baby) I.E. when Bastian accidentally steps on the gnomes' house, the gnomes are the height of Bastian's shoe, yet when they run out of the house, they are as tall as his leg up to his knee cap.

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Double Dragon picture

Continuity mistake: When Abobo and Hawk are chasing Billy and Jimmy in the car, Billy throws a can of stuff in the fuel feed of the car. This causes a super combustion that propels the car towards the concrete railings of a bridge. Shots of the exterior show a different type of wall beside them. The car blasts forward and there is a tunnel a few yards in front of them. Switch to interior again and it shows bridge railings with no sign of the tunnel with prolonged speed towards same direction.

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Wagons East picture

Factual error: In the saloon at night, Ben Wheeler says, "I can't afford another Workers Comp claim". Workers compensation wasn't started in the United States until 1902. (00:10:25)

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Baby's Day Out picture

Continuity mistake: In the sequence when Baby Bink crawls off bed, Joe Pantoliano is resting on pillows positioned differently depending on the camera angle (the back pillow is either slumped low or propped higher). (00:23:25)

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Monkey Trouble picture

Visible crew/equipment: After the little girl leaves the grocery store with Dodger, the monkey, the overhead microphone can be seen above her head.

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