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The Real McCoy picture

Factual error: When the robbers are breaking through the vault door, they look to be using an oxygen lance which in reality would cause that entire room to be filled with smoke and fumes in seconds.

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The Remains of the Day picture

Factual error: At the George Inn you can see double-dash road markings at a junction. This of course didn't exist at the time the film was set.

David Mercier

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A Perfect World picture

Factual error: One character refers to the mobile command post in the Airstream trailer as "high-tech", a phrase that wasn't around in 1963; "space-age" would have been more correct for the period.

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Groundhog Day picture

Factual error: Phil departs from the office right after the 5pm news. Punxsutawney is over 90 minutes' drive from Pittsburgh. The sunset in Punxsutawney in early February is about 5.30pm, so by the time they get there it should be completely dark. But it's bright daylight, without even a hint of twilight. (00:05:45)

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Cool Runnings picture

Factual error: A shot of the Calgary skyline at night is displayed. The tall building on the left with the glowing roof is Banker's Hall. Also notice the building with the red logo, Canada Trust Tower, that is to the right of it. Neither of these buildings existed at the time of the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Bankers Hall wasn't completed until 1989, and the Canada Trust Tower wasn't completed until 1991. (01:25:16)

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The Snapper picture

Factual error: When Sharon is being driven by her Dad to the hospital to give birth to her baby ('Snapper'), they drive over a bridge on the River Liffey in Dublin to the south side of the city. However, the Rotunda Hospital, where she gives birth is on the North side of the city, quite a distance away from where they seemed to be headed.

Deborah Nolan

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Heart and Souls picture

Factual error: When Thomas is at the race track and putting a bet down, the money he's holding is newer, even though the scene takes place in the 60s.

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The Fugitive picture

Factual error: During the car chase that leads to the tunnel, there are several freeway signs pointing to Murphy, North Carolina, and the film is set in Chicago.

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Grumpy Old Men picture

Factual error: When Max goes to the bait shop with John and they are talking to Chuck about him going over to Ariel's house for Thanksgiving, they ask him if he saw the Blackhawks game, saying that it went into double overtime. NHL games only have one overtime unless it is a playoff game.

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What's Eating Gilbert Grape picture

Factual error: In the grocery store where Gilbert works, loaves of Mrs. Baird's bread are seen on the shelves; Mrs. Baird's is a Texas-based bakery whose products would not be available as far away as Iowa.


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Suggested correction: You are right - the product should not be on the shelves of a store in a state that does not receive the product. I was just questioning your assertion that distance from Texas is a determining factor - states further away (e.g, Oregon, California. Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania) do sell Mrs. Baird's bread. I wasn't familiar with this brand, but I found out it is sold locally in Pennsylvania. When I was on-line, I also found out that Allen Baird, 97, recently died of COVID-19.


I'm curious what cities/stores sell Mrs. Baird's breads in PA (or OR, CA, MA).


You can go on-line, like I did. I just did a search for Mrs. Baird's bread, and that website is set up to enable you to look for locations where it is sold - by state and/or zip code.


Sorry... I didn't want to reveal the city I'm in... but I can at least tell you the bread is sold at a Walmart store.


I specifically looked on their website and no PA stores popped up, not even Walmart. Of course, the mistake is still valid since this was 27 years ago and in Iowa.


My point exactly; this mistake merely gave away the fact that this film was made in Texas rather than Iowa where it was set. Since "Errors In Geography" is not a separate category here as it is on IMDb, I submitted it as a factual error; while I'm unaware whether Mrs. Baird's products are available now in Iowa, I know that wasn't the case in the early 90s when this film was made and released.


If it's not incorporated into the plot, generally these mistakes should be considered "revealing" mistakes, it's revealing it's not really filmed where it's set.


I just searched again, and Mrs. Baird's bread is also sold at Target and Sam's Club. I was surprised to see there is a "Bimbo Bakery" less than 12 miles away. I wasn't familiar with this brand, and now I suspect the products were recently made available; I surely would have noticed the products or the bakery before now. If I Google "Where can I buy Mrs. Baird's bread?" a map showing local stores comes up. But if I go to and put my zip code under "store locater", "no stores available in this zip code" shows up.


In California, it can be found at any grocery store that sells Bimbo products. Specifically, Ralph's, Albertson's, Von's, Walmart, Smart and Final, Aldi, Superior Grocers and Jon's.

It should be noted that Bimbo Bakeries didn't buy Mrs. Baird's until 1998. But is this because you've bought it in CA or because you used google and have no personal knowledge? My aunt and Grandparents have never heard of Mrs Baird's and they've lived in CA their whole lives.


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What's Love Got To Do With It? picture

Factual error: When they tour the UK with The Rolling Stones the film states 1968, when in reality it was 1966. They then perform "Proud Mary", which Creedence Clearwater Revival did not release originally until 1969, and wasn't covered and didn't become a hit for Ike and Tina Turner until 1971.


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And the Band Played On picture

Factual error: At the end of the movie they say that Bill Kraus died on January 26th, 1986 but he actually died on January 11th, 1986.

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The Secret Garden picture

Factual error: The footage of the garden blooming in the spring includes a shot of a monarch butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The monarch is very rare in England, usually found in the southwest; so this footage is more likely from North or Central America where the insects are commonplace.

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The Pelican Brief picture

Factual error: When the President is in the hospital getting his physical, after the first female naval officer (Lt.) leaves, the President salutes the the second female officer, a Commander, and she then salutes back. There are two things wrong with this. 1) The junior grade officer ALWAYS salutes the senior officer first and the President, as Commander in Chief, is the highest military officer. He would never salute first. 2) The salute the Commander gives is absurd. It is some strange windmill wave over her head thing. No naval officer would EVER salute so sloppy or bizarre and especially not to the President of the United States. (00:31:15)

Luna Negra

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Robin Hood: Men in Tights picture

Factual error: During the whole movie, we can see wooded mountains around where the movie is taking place, first of all, these don't exist in England and second, during the end shot where we see a view of the entire area, there are no mountains.

Sol Parker

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Leprechaun picture

Factual error: Although taking place in North Dakota, the Jeep and cop car have the older Illinois plates.

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True Romance picture

Factual error: The final scene shows the sun setting over the ocean. They settle in Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is on the east coast. The sun sets in the west.

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Suggested correction: We know that they wanted to settle in Cancun, but that doesn't mean that Cancun is where they ended up.

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Best of the Best 2 picture

Factual error: The beginning of the movie takes place in Las Vegas, but during a tracking shot of the main villain, Bracus, leaving his helicopter, the Los Angeles skyline is visible from the helipad at the top of the building. (00:03:55)


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Look Who's Talking Now picture

Factual error: The movie is set in New York, and Rocks is fighting wolves. Wolves are no longer found in New York.

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Poetic Justice picture

Factual error: There's no way that that mail truck would be driven along Highway 1. Choosing that route more than doubles the drive time, turning a six-hour drive into 12-15 hours. They'd take Highway 5, which is fastest but boring for filming purposes.

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