Best movie character mistakes of 1993

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Super Mario Bros. picture

Character mistake: After Spike comes out of the evolution device, he asks Iggy "Do you know what the square root of 26481 is?" And then answers "191". 191 squared is actually 36481. (00:47:20)


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Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday picture

Character mistake: In the scene where they show Jason's mailbox, it says Vorhees. The correct spelling is Voorhees. (00:35:00)

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The Fugitive picture

Character mistake: Kimble has just finished talking on the phone with his lawyer when the cops hear the noise in the background. They figure out the sound is that of an El-Train. They then start to list the different places that have an El. One of the cities they name is Milwaukee - there has never been an El-Train there.

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The Firm picture

Character mistake: At the end, when Mitch tells Agent Tarrance that the government can convict the law firm on mail fraud and racketeering, he says he got the idea while he was studying for the bar exam. He actually got the idea from a client earlier in the film when the client was complaining about being over-billed and tells Mitch that every time a bill is mailed through USPS, the firm is committing mail fraud which is a federal offense, punishable by fines and prison.

raywest Premium member

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In the Line of Fire picture

Character mistake: During the "heart attack prank" just before the paramedics get to Frank, Eastwood mistakenly opens his eye before the paramedics wake him.


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The Nightmare Before Christmas picture

Character mistake: At the beginning Sally follows Jack at the end of the Halloween celebration where he sings "Jack's Lament." She then goes off to gather more deadly nightshade. Look at Sally when she sits down. It is in front of a stone labeled "witch hazel" and "deadly nightshade" is seen next to it on the right. Yet, Sally pulls two pieces of witch hazel out of the ground, before a quick cut back to the lab where we see her putting it in a jar marked "nightshade".

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Gettysburg picture

Character mistake: When Buster gets hit in the arm the first time, he is busy tying the kerchief below the wound. (02:21:05)

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Mrs. Doubtfire picture

Character mistake: When Mrs. Doubtfire gets her own TV show at the end, she asks the puppet if he knows anything about England. The reply is, "I only know that it's an island", which is not true. Britain is an island, not England.

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Demolition Man picture

Character mistake: When the alarms go off in the police station indicating the code 187 all the police officers are confused as to what is going on since they know nothing of MDKs. Zack Lamb should have already known what the code meant, yet he never says anything and just waits for everyone to figure it out.


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Suggested correction: I took it as he went into almost shock that after so many years a murder had actually taken place. He says, "I don't believe it," indicating he knew what the code meant but then he kind of froze until Phoenix's name was mentioned.

Suggested correction: Zack Lamb is quite old and it's possible he simply forgot what the code meant. He was a pilot too, not a street cop.


When Stallone first meets Lamb after being thawed in the future, he tells Spartan he was "grounded" after the events in the opening scene so had not been a pilot for 36 years.

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Rookie of the Year picture

Character mistake: When Fish is offering Jack the contract to sell Henry to the Yankees, and later when Jack insults Henry's father, they both refer to Jack as Henry's manager. But Martinella is Henry's manager; Jack is Henry's agent. While the terms can be used interchangeably in other businesses, such as music, in baseball they are two separate titles with separate job descriptions.

Cubs Fan Premium member

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Striking Distance picture

Character mistake: At the start of the car chase scene the dispatcher identifies the stolen car as an '89 Ford, but the Ford LTD Crown Victoria shown in the chase is a 1986 or 1987 model.

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Poetic Justice picture

Character mistake: In this breakfast scene at Lucky's cousin Khalil's house, Lucky's aunt calls him Lawrence instead of Lucky. (01:33:41)

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Suggested correction: She calls him Lawrence three times in the scene. It was intentional to let the audience know his real name. Lucky was just a nickname.


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Fire in the Sky picture

Character mistake: Mike, despite being an experienced logger, is filing his chainsaw blade in the wrong direction. Also, he's seen filing the teeth of the blade way too many times.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III picture

Character mistake: Pretending to be a witch, April says that the song the walkman played was obtained because "I shrunk four incredibly cool guys and I locked them in there." The Barrio Boyzz were five at the song's release. Did she let one Barrio boy go? Was one of the Barrio Boyzz uncool? (00:16:40)

Sammo Premium member

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Les Visiteurs picture

Character mistake: When BĂ©atrice checks the historic book,Godefroy is born in 1076,but later in the film,Godefroy says that he's born in 1079.


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Hexed picture

Character mistake: Detective Ferguson doesn't follow procedure and give Gloria her right to counsel prior to interrogation.


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Cliffhanger picture

Character mistake: When Quallian points his pistol at Jess at the top of the peak when she thinks it's Frank in the helicopter, he is aiming at her from within the helicopter through the windshield. The chances of him actually hitting her with a round would be slim to none. She had plenty of time to get away.

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Suggested correction: You're assuming a mountain tour guide knows the probability that a deranged man with a gun has of hitting her. It's not a character mistake or any other kind of movie mistake that she surrendered and chose not to risk getting fatally shot in that situation.

Phaneron Premium member

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The Sandlot picture

Character mistake: While everybody is watching Wendy performing CPR on squints he open his eye to them yet none of them tell Wendy he's awake when she gives him her last breath to him.

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Suggested correction: You can see everyone is pretty dumbfounded by what Squints is doing, and Wendy leans in to give him another breath before anyone has the opportunity to tell her he's awake.

Phaneron Premium member

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So I Married an Axe Murderer picture

Character mistake: Tony, as a cop, should've known to cuff Rose's hands behind her back. He also apparently doesn't cuff Harriet properly as she's left outside with them dangling from one wrist.


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