Best horror movie quotes of 1991

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Child's Play 3 picture

Chucky: Don't fuck with the Chuck.

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Cape Fear picture

Prison Guard: What about your books?
Max Cady: Already read 'em.

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The People Under the Stairs picture

Woman: What's a mother to do? Lazy brat sits in her room all day, sewing dolls. Children misbehaving in the basement! And one in the wall, doing his business God knows where. You kids will be the death of me... the death of me.

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Delicatessen picture

Louison: This is a job for the Australian.

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Popcorn picture

Toby: Without memory, there can be no retribution.

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Critters 3 picture

Rosalie: Hey, you got the elevator fixed, Frankie.
Frank: Hey, not for you, Rosie. There's still a one-ton load limit.

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Dolly Dearest picture

Marilyn: I am not losing my daughter to a God-damned, nine-hundred-year-old goat-head.

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Ernest Scared Stupid picture

Ernest: How'd you do that?
Kenny: It's the milk! It eradicates them.
Ernest: Yeah, gets rid of them too.

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