Best horror movie mistakes of 1991

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The People Under the Stairs picture

Plot hole: The Man goes completely trigger happy shooting all the walls all around his house, trying to kill Fool, Leroy, and Roach at different points. The police come in and don't notice anything wrong. What about the bullet holes all over the place? (00:41:35)

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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare picture

Revealing mistake: When John tries to stop the van while Maggie is driving, because he sees the small girl in the road, as the van screeches around the road, you can see the road is covered in tyremarks from previous takes. (00:20:10)

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Child's Play 3 picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning when Chuckie is turning on all the toys in the office, he flies a helicopter and the string is so visible its funny. The helicopter then crashes and you can still see it. In the next shot the man looks at it and there is no string. (00:11:15)

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Cape Fear picture

Continuity mistake: When De Niro first meets Nolte's lady-friend, they are having a conversation in a bar or restaurant. As the camera goes from De Niro to the woman, the woman's top blouse button is open in one shot, then closed, then open, etc.

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Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge picture

Revealing mistake: When Toulon's puppet stage is set on fire, the flames in the foreground look rather like they are projected from a regularly set row of blow torches, rather than erratically flickering flames on a wooden floor. (00:25:05)

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Ernest Scared Stupid picture

Continuity mistake: Right before Ernest falls into his trash truck you can see that it is full of a good mixture of trash, i.e. white trash bags, food containers, etc. But when the camera angle cuts and he lands in the trash, it has now changed to all cardboard boxes.

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Delicatessen picture

Continuity mistake: The position and intactness of the biscuits changes between shots, as Louison puts the sugar pot on the biscuit plate because the tea begins to overspill from the cup. (00:27:20)

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Critters 3 pictureCritters 3 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the old woman is cooking she is stirring the casserole. When it cuts she is spicing the food. (00:20:45)

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Popcorn picture

Continuity mistake: When the killer rips his mask off to expose his face to Maggie, his eyes go from brown to yellow between shots. It is explained later that his yellow eyes becomes brown thanks to colored contact lenses, but the killer does not remove any contacts when rips off his mask.

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Puppet Master II picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Wanda comes into the room and Blade comes after her, a lamp drops off the table when she knocks it, but before it completely falls, a crewmember's hand can be seen grabbing it. (01:04:15)

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Howling VI: The Freaks picture

Revealing mistake: When the devil man (Bruce Payne) comes up from under his couch in his caravan, and pushes the mayor through the ceiling - they make no attempt to hide the fact that it is a dummy and its hands are gripping some special handles.

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Basket Case 3: The Progeny picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where the grandmother and the monsters stop at a variety store in the tinted bus a camera man can be seen. As the bus pulls away, you can see the camera man standing there filming the scene quite clearly in the reflection of the bus windows as it pulls away. (00:24:30)

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Dolly Dearest picture

Character mistake: In the very first scene, in the first shot you see a sign in Spanish that says "NO PASE por orden del departamento de arquiologia". The correct Spanish word is arqueologia.

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