Best drama movie audio problems of 1991

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Beauty and the Beast picture

Audio problem: When Mrs. Potts is talking to Belle for the first time, in her bedroom, Mrs. Potts says "It'll turn out alright in the end. You'll see." However, when she says "'ll see" her mouth remains closed. (00:30:50)

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The Five Heartbeats picture

Audio problem: When Eddie runs in and starts singing "I Got Nothing But Love" the song is playing in the background and the lyrics can be heard ahead of him actually singing them.

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My Girl picture

Audio problem: At Thomas J's memorial service, Vada goes up to the coffin crying. Just after she says something about his glasses being missing, her father comes up to comfort her. Watch his mouth - he is heard talking but his lips aren't moving at first (they are in the next shot).

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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves picture

Audio problem: During the scene of the birthing woman, Azeem says, "If you won't hear my advice...", but his lips don't move.

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The Commitments picture

Audio problem: Near the end of the movie: In the last club scene, an acoustic piano can be heard. Notice that is different than a regular piano. However, when we see the piano it's a Fender Rhodes piano, and not an acoustic. OK, it could be another piano, but the club only has the one piano.

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Showdown in Little Tokyo picture

Audio problem: When Yoshida pulls the sword out of the scabbard to take Angel's head, the sound of it being slid out starts a split-second before he actually starts removing the sword from the scabbard.

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Thelma and Louise picture

Audio problem: When Thelma approaches the Highway Patrolman's window you can hear her cocking the revolver she then points at his head, but the revolver remains visibly uncocked.

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The Beautiful Troublemaker picture

Audio problem: Edouard wakes up Marianne after he returns to the art studio after walking out. The two walk over to a bench, then Marianne disrobes and sits down on the bench, so she can pose for him. Whilst this is happening, no further sounds can be heard in the background. Marianne then sees Liz sitting on the staircase watching her and out of nowhere, sounds coming from outside can be heard. The door to the studio would have been open the entire time as no-one is shown opening it, so the sounds coming from outside should have been heard the entire time. (02:14:42 - 02:16:14)

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