Best adventure movie plot holes of 1991

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The Polar Bear King picture

Plot hole: The Polar Bear King (human version) is held hostage at the witch's castle. When the witch comes to pay him a visit in his cell she unlocks the door very elaborately. It is very surprising that the witch is not surprised at all that a) one of her subjects is inside the cell advising her captive on an escape plot and b) that this subject made it through the locked door. (01:03:40)

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Rocketeer picture

Plot hole: The helmet design is rubbish. The eyeholes are far too small - that close to the eyes the divider between the eyeholes would block almost a third of the wearer's vision. He would hardly be able to see what was right in front of him - and it is not too close nor too narrow to fall into the "blind spot" between the eyes. This is not a character error by Peevey - the helmet design came from the original plans - it is even shown in the German propaganda film!

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