Best drama movie factual errors of 1990

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Goodfellas picture

Factual error: In the scene at Idlewild airport, the actors walk past the rear of an easily identified 1965 Chevy Impala. Occasionally Chevrolet introduced vehicles early, but never two years early.

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Mermaids picture

Factual error: Cher complains that Astroturf is going to ruin baseball. Mermaids is set in 1963 when Astroturf was still being developed under the name Chemigrass. It wasn't christened Astroturf until it made its world debut on the floor of the Houston Astrodome in 1966.

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Days of Thunder picture

Factual error: One of the first races that Cole runs is Phoenix. Phoenix International Raceway is a very flat track. There are several shots in that segment showing a high-banked oval.

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Dances with Wolves picture

Factual error: The Henry Repeating Rifle seen in 1865 is impossible, because it's the "King's Patent Henry Rifle" which wasn't out until 1866. The original Henry had a loading tube under the barrel, not one on the side of the breech. Plus the ammo used is the larger, more modern rounds.

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Memphis Belle picture

Factual error: They hold a huge dance in the hangar at night, and Dennis leaves to walk to the Memphis Belle through the hangar doors, which are wide open. The whole flight line, tarmac and hangar are bathed with light - on a US Air Force base in East Anglia during the height of the German bombing offensive. Haven't they heard of the blackout? Why not just paint a big fluorescent sign on the runway saying 'Please Drop Bombs Here'?

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Awakenings picture

Factual error: After Robert De Niro awakens, Robin Williams takes him on a ride around New York and Robert is amazed by all the surroundings. The movie is set in the early 1970s, but you can see plenty of vehicles around from the time that the movie was filmed (1990). Notice the square headlights that originally appeared in the late 70's.

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Pump up the Volume picture

Factual error: When Christian Slater is talking on the phone in one scene, it is clear it is a cordless phone. When he slams it down, however, it makes that "ding" sound like older phones that really have a bell in them.

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Ghost picture

Factual error: Banker Carl (Goldwyn) threatens to kill Molly at 11 pm if he doesn't get his $4 million. Goldwyn goes searching for his money at Whoopi Goldberg's house. Goldberg is arguing with her sisters over whether to watch The Arsenio Hall Show or change the channel to watch Love Connection. In New York, where the movie takes place, The Arsenio Hall Show was on at 11:30 pm (already past the time he threatened to kill Molly) and Love Connection was on at 9:00 am and both shows were broadcast on the same channel.

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Nikita picture

Factual error: Bob shoots Nikita in the knee to prevent her from doing anything drastic. However her leg heals really fast, without any medical help and no scars at all. (00:19:00)

Hamster Premium member
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Three Men and a Little Lady picture

Factual error: During the second half of the film, set in Britain, Peter Mitchell is hiding away from a woman. She opens the door and asks "What are you doing in my closet?" She seems to talk with an upper class British accent, but she wouldn't use the American word "closet," but use either "wardrobe" or "cupboard."

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Internal Affairs picture

Factual error: When officer Van is shot with a shotgun his body is lifted off the ground and knocked several feet backward. One of the basic laws of physics states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The amount of energy required to lift and move an adult man would be tremendous and the person firing the gun would have been subjected to the same force.

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Marked For Death picture

Factual error: During the car chase through Northern Illinois they are passing by palm and cypress trees. Not indigenous to Illinois.

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The Krays picture

Factual error: If you look at the band playing in the Regal Club the night the boy's mother first visits, the night where they first bring on the donkey, you'll notice that the drum kit used by the drummer in the band is, from what we can see, a 1980's Pearl kit, far too modern. (00:39:00)

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Presumed Innocent picture

Factual error: Tommy Molto stands up and tells Judge Lyttle that the prosecution has not been able to find a key piece of evidence: a bar glass found in the victim's apartment. The jury is present when Molto makes this statement. That would never happen in a real courtroom. The judge had not yet decided whether testimony about the glass could be offered by the prosecution, so he certainly would not want the jury to hear anything about the glass until AFTER he made that decision.

K.C. Sierra
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It (1990)

It picture

Factual error: Most of the time when Eddie uses his inhaler, he uses it wrong or doesn't even spray it in his mouth.

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Too Young to Die? picture

Factual error: Amanda gets married when she is either 13 or 14. The legal age in Oklahoma is 16, and there's nothing to suggest she lied about her age.

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Bright Angel picture

Factual error: This film is set in Casper Wyoming, yet at the end, as they are pulling away, a visible sign for Interstate 80 can be seen. Interstate 80 doesn't go through Casper.

manthabeat Premium member
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Havana picture

Factual error: When Robert Redford looks at the radio he finds in Lena Olin's car, the radio's ID plate has a serial number beginning with 67-, which means it was paid for by the U.S. government with funds from fiscal year 1967 - eight years too new for a story from late 1958.

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Coupe de Ville picture

Factual error: Buddy's early '60s black-and-white photo of his girlfriend is on modern-day Kodak paper - you can see the printing on the back of the photo in the restaurant that's advertising the brand.

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Another 48 Hrs. picture

Factual error: No handgun shots can throw a police officer through the air halfway over a diner. That's just pure Hollywood fantasy (Mythbusters even proved this using all kinds of guns).

Gavin Jackson
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