Best drama movie audio problems of 1990

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Audio problem: At the climax of the film when the Turtles are about to face Shredder for the first time, Raphael says, "I got him" and then runs to fight. When Raphael falls to the ground, his pair of Sai hit the ground but make no noise. There should be a metallic sound against the rooftop. (01:19:00)

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Ghost picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie, Carl is chasing Molly and Oda Mae. He says something like "Molly she's a thief!" and something else, but his lips don't move.

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Goodfellas picture

Audio problem: When Henry asks Karen who assaulted her, she says "this guy who lives across the street from me that I've known all my life", but when she turns to face toward the camera her lips moving don't match what she's saying.

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Days of Thunder picture

Audio problem: In one scene Tom Cruise's accelerator gets stuck - you see him pounding on the accelerator while telling his crew chief Harry Hog "the accelerator is stuck" but Tom Cruise's mouth never moves when he speaks.

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Misery picture

Audio problem: In the scene where James Caan is lying in bed, practising grabbing a large knife from his arm sling, there is the metallic sound as he pulls out the knife. In the sling are his arm and the knife. There is nothing metal the knife could be pulled against to make that sound.

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Pump up the Volume picture

Audio problem: Throughout the final sequence, when Harry and Nora are in the jeep and being chased by the police cars onto the field by the gym, many of the words Harry says are out of sync with his mouth.

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Lionheart picture

Audio problem: Near the middle of the movie, in the scene when Van Damme's friend Joshua is taking Helene money, you see that the military police have set up a surveillance across the street. They show the policeman's point of view as he is looking through binoculars. You can hear Joshua spray breath freshener into his mouth. The window is closed and they are too far away to hear this on a busy street.


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Coupe de Ville picture

Audio problem: When the professor is walking out toward the car after Bobby yells at his house, Bobby says, "You're joking with me," but if you watch his mouth, you can tell that he really said, "You're f - -ing with me." The original line was probably cut during editing to keep the PG-13 rating, but it's still a problem.

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Mermaids picture

Audio problem: Three quarters into the movie, the girls have some wine, and little Kate overindulges. In the next take we hear belching and hiccups that don't match the girls sitting quietly on the porch swing, talking.

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The Krays picture

Audio problem: When Reggie threatens the man outside his club, Reggie's boyfriend runs at him shouting "You stupid bastard..." and he is restrained by the gang. His lips never actually say these words.

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Matters of the Heart picture

Audio problem: More than once in the piano playing scenes there's music playing even as the characters' fingers aren't touching the keys.


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