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Factual error: During the theme, the Simpsons' mailbox flag is on the wrong side of the mailbox. (Flags are always on a mailbox's right side, when viewed from the front. The one at the Simpson home is on the left side of their mailbox). (00:01:45)

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The Leap Home (1) - November 25, 1969 - S3-E1

Factual error: The Post Raisin Bran cereal box sitting on the Beckett family breakfast table in 1969 has a 1990s box design. (00:18:00)

Jean G
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Save the Max - S2-E3

Factual error: When Zack is given the old newspaper with Mr. Belding's article, the headline reads, "Picture on pages 3 and 4." When he looks at the picture, he looks at the middle of the paper, with quite a few pages at both sides of the newspaper. Pages 3 and 4 would be near the front and would be on opposite sides of the same page.

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Mr. Bean Rides Again - S1-E9

Factual error: Bean is seen connecting a set of jump leads to two large brass-like electrodes in a lighting column. These would never be present in real life - especially with so much conductive material on show.

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The White Knight - S1-E3

Factual error: Zelda gives Prince Facade a compliment when he meets her father. Facade smiles and then looks over, the camera follows his view to a mirror on the wall. It then cuts to the mirror showing his reflection as he winks at himself. The problem is though, when the camera was panning from his position, it showed the mirror was against the wall a good distance from him, as well as facing almost a 90 degree angle away from him. So not only was his reflection too big for his distance, but the mirror would not have reflected his image back to him at that angle. (00:36:40)

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Triangle at Rhodes - S1-E6

Factual error: Throughout the episode there are sections of dialogue in Greek, which are deliberately left untranslated. The subtitles frequently transcribe the Greek inaccurately. For example, the Greek girl who assists Poirot and Lyall in finding out about the poison says "Elate!" to them, which means "Come!" said to more than one person, but this is transcribed in the subtitles as "Ella!", the form used to a single person. Later on, the girl's grandmother says "Ohi enas Anglos anthras. Mia Anglitha yineka. San esena" ("Not an Englishman. An Englishwoman. Like you"), but this is given in the subtitles as "Ohi enas Anglos anthras, che yenika. Son ethena", which doesn't make sense. (00:40:45)

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Robo Koopa - S1-E52

Factual error: Koopa tries to kill the Mario brothers, Bunsun and Dr. Nerdnik by pushing an electric pole at them. Mario and Luigi use a nearby fire hydrant to protect them by having water rush out of it and keeping the pole from crushing them. There is no way a single blast of water can stop a large pole from falling, and the brothers would have been electrocuted as soon as the water hit the pole. (00:07:00)

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Factual error: Kat Stanton is sent to the Lum Jau prison. It is the Lard Yao prison that is known as the Bangkok Hilton, not the Lum Jau.

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