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Other mistake: On the "Mario's Greatest Movie Moments" DVD of this series, from the main menu, go into the trivia game. The fifth question asks you about the Super Mario Bros. Super Show episode 'Count Koopula.' It asks you "What's room number that the Mario Bros. were put into in Koopula's Castle?" It's supposed to say "What's THE room number that the Mario Bros. were put into in Koopula's Castle?"

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The Simpsons picture

Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy - S6-E10

Other mistake: Look closely when the clerk scans the books. Ueberroth is a brown book, and Al Gore's book is green. The book that sends the message to Al Gore is the Ueberroth book.

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The Legend of Zelda picture

Cold Spells - S1-E2

Other mistake: The main part of the holding jar is transparent glass and open at the top. As the crab creature reaches in and begins pulling Link out, the dimensions and physics of the glass are suddenly totally broken. The back part of the glass at the top is curved up down in appearance from what we see and the part close to the camera would appear curved up. But as Link is pulled out, the back down curve over laps him, making it look like he is already outside the holding jar. (00:28:00)

Quantom X Premium member
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Ranma ½ picture

Ikinari ai no arashi chotto matteyo - S1-E3

Other mistake: Kasumi is untrained and does not possess any particular physical strength, but when Ranma jumpscares her, her bucket of water is flung in the air up so high that it takes several seconds to descend (this part of the scene does not have comical hyberbole overtones). (00:14:50)

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