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The Little Mermaid picture

Stupidity: Apparently, Ariel forgets how to write when she gets human legs. Ariel was able to sign a scroll underwater, but she apparently cannot do so to inform prince Eric of her identity.

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The Abyss picture

Stupidity: Monk steals the magazine from Coffey's SIG. However, I don't see how he could have jacked the slide to eject the round in the chamber without being noticed. Someone as paranoid as Coffey was at this point would not have left the chamber empty. (Just FYI, when you load an automatic pistol with a magazine, you have to pull back and release the slide to load the first bullet in the barrel.)

Grumpy Scot

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Suggested correction: Since we are never shown that Coffey did chamber a round, we cannot assume that he did based on his personality alone. Therefore this isn't a plot hole. However, it is ridiculous that he is threatening people with a gun without a chambered round. This entry should be listed as "Stupidity."


SEALs don't carry weapons without a round chambered. The "maybe" here falls much more on the side of the round being in the chamber. And "Stupidity" wasn't an option available when this entry was originally submitted. :).

Grumpy Scot

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Ghostbusters 2 picture

Stupidity: Suspension of disbelief is fine for a movie like this, but even as a child I found unbelievably silly the fact that the Ghostbusters use a Nintendo controller to move the Statue of Liberty. The concept is never set up and never is shown properly; all the movie showed and told us was that items possessed by the slime dance wildly to the beat of music. There's no logical (as in, movie internal logic) passage between that and "so we fire up some beats and it won't start dancing to it, but just calmly move according to our inputs on a joystick."

Sammo Premium member

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Halloween 5 picture

Stupidity: It seems stupid on the part of the hermit to keep Michael in his shack for over a year given he tried to strangle him and was bleeding that night. He should've gone to the police.


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Lethal Weapon 2 picture

Stupidity: It was pure stupidity for Riggs to bring Rika back at her residence after escaping the hit on Riggs. The villains know where Riggs' love interest lives and this nor the option to hide somewhere else or safer never occurs to him?


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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation picture

Stupidity: When Clark was trapped in the attic and fell through the ceiling in the bedroom, why didn't he just crawl out through the hole he just made onto the bunkbed?

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Suggested correction: Two reasons. 1) The hole is too small. 2) There isn't enough space between the bed and the ceiling.


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Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland picture

Stupidity: The murder during the opening scene is ridiculous. Angela chases a screaming woman down an alleyway, in broad daylight, in front of crowds of witnesses, while driving a truck, runs her over, then throws her body in the back of the truck and then waits right next to the alley where she murdered the girl to be picked up by the van headed to the camp. At no point did any one of the numerous people on the street try to help the girl or even just investigate the alley to see if she was hurt (supposing it was an accident) or just call the police?

Jack Vaughan

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Nightmare Beach picture

Stupidity: Skip makes it to the junkyard where Gail and the killer are in Det Strycher's police car. He then climbs over the barbed wire fence instead of ramming through it in the police car.


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Batman picture

Stupidity: If Batman can recognize Napier you'd think the police would, especially when he's wearing that flesh tone makeup during his public address.


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Licence to Kill picture

Stupidity: At the start of the tanker chase Sanchez shoots at Bond. He manages to get in the cab and throw the driver out, who lands on Sanchez's car. Sanchez then gets in front of Bond and has the ideal opportunity to just shoot the cab up with his machine gun knowing Bond is driving, but he doesn't.

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