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Look Who's Talking picture

Other mistake: When James is taking Mollie to the hospital, he drives through a construction site and starts driving backwards, then does a 360 degree turn. In the aerial shot, you can see the skid marks from previous takes.

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Other mistake: When Ariel is at the dinner table with Eric and Grimsby, Ariel takes Grimsby's pipe and blows it in his face, yet when he wipes his face there isn't any black stuff on his hankie.

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Road House picture

Other mistake: Where he comes to Jasper to work at the Double Deuce, he drives to the junkyard to buy new tyres and puts them in the trunk, stacked vertically. There is just one problem - there is no space for them. But who cares, he closes the trunk anyway.

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Suggested correction: He slides the first tire all the way into the trunk, then places the second tire in the deeper cavity of the trunk, thus leaving enough room for both tires to fit and the door to close.

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Shag picture

Other mistake: When the girls tell Harley that Carson has taken a bus back to Spartenburg, he says that is the middle of the night, however it is daylight outside.

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How I Got Into College picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the movie there is a montage scene of acceptance letters being printed followed by the reactions of the various people who received the letters. Despite these form letters being sent on the same day the date on some of the letters is April 11, 1988 and the date on others say April 11, 1989.

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