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Child's Play picture

Stupidity: John, the guy who taught Chucky the voodoo spell is confronted by Chucky later on in doll form. When things don't go how Chucky wants, he finds a Voodoo doll of the same guy just lying around and uses it to torture him. So this idiot who knows Voodoo and what it does, happens to have a Voodoo doll of himself just lying around? Yeah sure, that can't go wrong at all.

Quantom X Premium member

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Big (1988)

Big picture

Stupidity: After Josh runs away from home after being turned into an adult, nothing seems to be done about his "disappearance." The only indication that he is missing is his picture on the back of a milk carton. There's no flyers about him missing. No mention of his disappearance in any newspapers or TV news about his mom saying that he's been "abducted" by a stranger. Even when Josh writes a letter home, he uses the actual address of where he's staying, but no cops turn up at his door after his mom receives the letter.

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Die Hard picture

Stupidity: Hans keeps a major part of his plan secret from his own team: that the electromagnetic lock will be disabled if the FBI shuts down power to the building. The mercenaries hired as muscle don't need to know the minutiae of the plan, but it seems ludicrous that Theo wasn't told. Theo states on more than one occasion that he can't proceed past a certain point and that he hopes Hans has a plan for the final lock. Evidently, Hans was keeping this information secret simply to amuse himself, which makes little sense considering how much planning went into the heist.


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Suggested correction: Or because he simply doesn't trust anyone with that kind of knowledge. He neither trusts them or cares about them, it's all him.


So he trusts that Theo would be on board with all the murder and mayhem, open all the other locks, be in a tactical lookout position when the police try to breach, and drive the getaway vehicle. But he doesn't trust Theo enough to tell him the last lock will open when the power goes out?


It's not about trust; Hans needs Theo to do what he is there for and that is all you mention up to the final lock. He has a plan for the final lock and so there's no need to discuss it with the team, since it won't be any of them responsible.


The more people that know the plan the more chances of someone talking. Especially when they are hired mercenaries.

Ssiscool Premium member

Theo was already on board with taking hostages and committing murder. Him knowing that the power needed to be shut off to open the last lock doesn't appear to be particularly important information you would need to keep from someone to keep them from talking.


If he's the only one that knows the final step to get the money, then at least up until that moment he is absolutely indispensable to the plan and ensures no-one would double-cross him. In any case I'm not sure being more cautious than necessary really qualifies as "stupidity."

TonyPH Premium member

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Halloween 4 picture

Stupidity: For being supposedly clever as well as purely evil Michael's pretty stupid here. He gets to the gas station well ahead of Loomis yet waits for him there, doesn't kill him either despite knowing he'd try to stop him like the last time.


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Nightmare Sisters picture

Stupidity: The girls are saved at the end from being possessed by the succubus. All three have become very attractive looking, one's no longer got an overbite, another's not overweight, the last one no longer wears glasses yet they don't notice these changes themselves.


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Beetlejuice picture

Stupidity: If none of the Dietz (aside from Lydia) can see the ghosts of the Maitlands, why were they hiding out of the window when they went up into the attic after Delia's critics left? They could've been standing there in plain sight and none except Lydia would know that they were even there.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space picture

Stupidity: Knowing that the Klowns' noses are their weak point from previously shooting them, Dave doesn't bother to shoot the giant Klown at the end with his pistol, instead waiting to be almost crushed and finally popping it with his badge pin.

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Suggested correction: He was trying to shoot it, but he ran out of bullets just before it grabbed him.

Phaneron Premium member

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The Great Outdoors picture

Stupidity: John Candy was being dragged by the speedboat because he was holding the bar when the boat took off. It simply never occurred to him that letting go off the bar would have solved the problem (Of course then you wouldn't have had the speedboat scene at all but it's still pretty dumb).

Gavin Jackson

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Suggested correction: Characters doing stupid things doesn't constitute a stupidity entry. That was part of the joke, that Chet spent all the time telling his son to remember to let go of the rope if something goes wrong, but then forgets his own advice in the heat of the moment. People do stupid things in real life all the time.


Well how does this not count as a Stupidity then? You just said it was and there was no need for him to stay holding onto the rope.

Gavin Jackson

Stupidity is basically a minor plot hole, something small that doesn't rise to the level of an plot hole entry. Characters are still allowed to do stupid things though if it's not a plot hole (otherwise everything Lloyd and Harry do in all the Dumb and Dumber movies would be stupidity entries).


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Midnight Run picture

Stupidity: Jack has been using Mosley's badge and identification to pass himself off as FBI. He never once uses this trick to commandeer a civilian car for him and John when it would have been the safest way to get to L.A. much sooner.

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Suggested correction: Probably because If he did that, the car's owner like Red the bar owner would eventually call the FBI office to get their car back and then the feds would know the make, model, license plate, and the last location of Walsh and the Duke. The police would have caught them in minutes. Walsh had to keep a low profile.


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Shoot to Kill picture

Stupidity: When Jonathan is chasing the truck to try and save Sarah, he could have removed his heavy backpack and run faster...but instead just leaves it on. No wonder he wasn't fast enough.

Gavin Jackson

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Appointment With Death picture

Stupidity: Poirot addresses the person in the shadow outside the hotel as "dear sir or madam", which would make sense given the clothes, but makes no sense with the fact that voice is definitely a male voice, there's no mystery at all there. (01:11:50)

Sammo Premium member

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Cheerleader Camp picture

Stupidity: It seems dumb on the cops' part not to notice Cory acting like a cheerleader after the events of the weekend.


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Running on Empty picture

Stupidity: Paul Manfield (Arthur Pope) and his family have been hiding from and eluding the FBI for fifteen years, but Paul gets so intoxicated one night that he loudly sings "Pretty Woman" walking toward his house - where neighbors could hear - and yells that he is not Paul, he is Arthur Pope. (00:52:18)


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