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Cocktail picture

Other mistake: When Brian takes a picture of his friend Doug on the boat, the picture shows Doug in a different position than that of when the picture was taken. (01:21:30)

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The Naked Gun picture

Other mistake: Pay attention to one of the early innings of the baseball game as one of the Angels players hits a home run. Though probaby intentionally set up this way as to avoid any problems of "logo patents" and such with the real life MLB California Angels team, he is wearing a helmet without the team logo on it. (01:07:35)

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Bull Durham picture

Other mistake: Nuke is having a great game. Crash comes out BEFORE the first pitch to the next batter and instructs him to "throw the next one at the mascot." Nuke does. Crash tells the batter not to dig in because he doesn't now where it's going, etc. The next pitch is a strike (making the count 1-1), yet everyone cheers and Crash throws down to 3rd base like it was a strikeout and the batter walks away.

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Space Mutiny picture

Other mistake: When Lea Jansen and Dave Ryder want to leave the room, which is called the "deep freeze", they hear Kalgon and his men coming and "hide" next to the door. When Kalgon and his men enter, the movie wants to tell us that they cannot see Lea and Ryder, although they are obviously in their field of view.

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Working Girl picture

Other mistake: When Katherine reserves a room at a hotel she talks German. From her weird diction it's obvious that Sigourney Weaver has somehow memorized the text without actually knowing what she is saying. (00:21:50)

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Cinema Paradiso picture

Other mistake: There's a chime hanging outside Salvatore's bedroom window that's too far away to cast such a small shadow over his face when he lies in bed and thinks of his childhood. (00:05:40)

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Big picture

Other mistake: Josh's birthday, according to the milk carton, is in the winter. But, some time after he celebrates his birthday at the Italian restaurant, he returns to his childhood neighborhood and it's fall (colored leaves, etc.). It can't be the following year because he's only gone for a total of a few weeks.

Danni Leifer
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Heathers picture

Other mistake: Right after Heather Duke and Heather McNamara drop in on Veronica and Betty Finn playing croquet, Veronica talks to her parents about the suicides. She still has a croquet mallet in her hand, so little time can have passed. Heather Duke rushes in with a shopping bag, and tells Veronica that while at the mall they heard about Martha Dumptruck's suicide attempt. But Heather Duke had just left Veronica's house - there wasn't enough time for these events to happen.

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Willow picture

Other mistake: When Madmartigan runs aways from the dragon, he cuts the catapult and launches a stone against a baddie, who falls off his horse. Watch the guy behind, he is the worst stuntman: He slowly steps off his horse and then suddenly throws himself to the floor for no reason at all.

Sacha Premium member
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High Spirits picture

Other mistake: When Jack stumbles into the wrong bedroom, he witnesses Mary's murder twice. Later, Mary reveals that she gets murdered only once every night.

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Coming to America picture

Other mistake: While at the engagement party, Lisa steps outside to be on the swings and invites Akeem to talk. They have no coats on, show no signs of cold, and we can't see their breath. But when they were standing outside of McDowell's and emptying the trash everyone was dressed for winter.

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Suggested correction: Akeem puts his red coat on Lisa because she is rubbing her arms trying to keep warm because she stormed out without thinking because she was angry. You can't always see your breath when it's cold out. And some people can handle the cold more than others without showing signs.

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