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Halloween 4 picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Jamie is in the closet, looking at a photo of her mother (Jamie Lee Curtis). The photo looks exactly like the scene where Laurie is sitting waiting for Annie on the ledge in the original Halloween, which wasn't photographed at the time, it's clearly a still from the movie.

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Critters 2 picture

Other mistake: As the brown truck drives away in the scene after the man working in the newspaper office is "harpooned" by a Critter, if you look closely as the truck turns a corner you can see some Critters rolling after it. Well, after they roll past the truck in the bottom left of the screen you can see the Critters roll right smack into another parked car. Obviously the crew forgot to add a turning feature to their Critter balls (which were just some fur taped to a basket ball).

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The Blob picture

Other mistake: We know that the blob dissolves flesh and hair and that it can also burn wood (since fluid coming from the blob burns a small spot on the desk in the hospital) and that it can dissolve bullets, but despite this obvious acidic state, the blob doesn't dissolve plants, walls, glass, concrete, metal, nor sticks and twigs.

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Suggested correction: It can control its functions otherwise it wouldn't be able to exist.

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Elvira, Mistress of the Dark picture

Other mistake: When Elvira is being chased by her Uncle Vinnie, you can see the hole in his head from where Elvira throws her stiletto at him. However, the hole in his head is apparent 'before' the scene in which she actually throws her stiletto.

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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood picture

Other mistake: When Melissa opens the front door and Jason is standing there, he raises his right hand, holding an axe, and plunges it straight down. But when Melissa has the axe in her head it is on the opposite side and at a different angle than it should have been. (01:13:45)

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space picture

Other mistake: The Giant Killer Klown at the end of the movie picks up the Ice Cream truck and hurls it into the wall resulting in an explosion that destroys the entire car. The two ice cream drivers say that the way they lived was by hiding in the ice cream truck freezer. First, ice cream truck freezers cannot fit two people and even if they could, the car was blown apart from the back first which would have killed them instantly anyway.

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High Spirits picture

Other mistake: When Jack stumbles into the wrong bedroom, he witnesses Mary's murder twice. Later, Mary reveals that she gets murdered only once every night.

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Child's Play picture

Other mistake: The Good Guy dolls are said to be manufactured by the Play Pals toy company. Later, when Karen picks up the box that Chucky came in, on the bottom left corner of the box are the words Play Partners Toys.

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Fright Night Part 2 picture

Other mistake: When Regine becomes the new host of Fright Night, she appears on video monitors and Peter Vincent is watching her on TV while in a bar. Cameras use mirrors, so she shouldn't have appeared on the monitors or on the television at all.

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Suggested correction: Most cameras don't use mirrors. Only DSLR/SLR cameras do, which allows you to use a viewfinder. Other cameras, camcorders, and television cameras don't need mirrors.


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Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers picture

Other mistake: When Angela starts up the chainsaw (to kill Judd with) we hear the sound of it starting but you can see it is not on. (00:35:54)

Jack Vaughan

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Amsterdamned picture

Other mistake: When translating Dutch for English, one translation uses "their" when it should've been "there." It's in the scene when we first see the lead cop talking to his daughter.


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A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 picture

Other mistake: The 3rd movie takes place 5 years after the original, since Kristen is still in high school this one can't take place too long after that. How does Nancy's house get so run down in only 5 or 6 years?


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