Best comedy movie visible crew/equipment of 1988

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A Fish Called Wanda picture

Visible crew/equipment: When George enters Ken's apartment the first time and Wanda approaches him, if you look in the mirror you should be able to see a crouching crew member wearing a blue shirt. (00:03:15)


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Who Framed Roger Rabbit picture Who Framed Roger Rabbit mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Roger and Eddie get in a truck and there's no key, Roger hears the voice of Benny the Cab in the back of the truck. He then slides through a little window and his love letter to Jessica pops out of his pocket. A black glove can be seen pushing this letter through the window. (00:55:15)

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Short Circuit 2 picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Johnny is spinning the two robbers around, you can tell that he is actually holding dummies. In the close up shots of the robbers, you can see them kicking their legs, but in the wide shots of the room, they are rigid and lifeless.


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The Naked Gun picture The Naked Gun mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film when the guy in the wheelchair is rolling down the stairs you can see a burst of gas (presumably from a CO2 cylinder) fire the man up. (01:18:20)

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Beetlejuice picture Beetlejuice mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Adam, Barbara and Juno ascend a staircase, talking about how Adam and Barbara should start more simply if they want to scare the Deitz family out of their home, there are two tape markers - a yellow and a blue one, very clearly on one of the steps. (00:34:35)

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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after the storm, the ship moves in the sand. Look at its front and you'll be able to see a wire that moves the ship. It's very visible.

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The Great Outdoors picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the bear is jumping on the cabin door he busted down on top of John Candy you can see the bear trainer waving a stick in front of the camera to make him do his trick.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the bathroom, when Mike's ex-girlfriend is getting undressed to take a shower a long-necked clown jumps from out of the toilet. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can clearly see the arm of a white guy sticking out of the bottom of the clown's neck controlling the puppet.

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Coming to America picture

Visible crew/equipment: You can see bits of the camera crew reflecting on the carriages, when the metro-train leaves the station after Akeem has gotten out after Lisa refused to marry him (near the end of the film).

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Beaches picture

Visible crew/equipment: When CC and Hilary are bickering in the department store, as they walk over to the baby clothing cabinet, the camera pans along, and the crew and camera rig are reflected in the glass jewellery cabinet.

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Twins picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Arnold throws one of the Clane brothers into the elevator, you can clearly see the cable that pulls him backwards. (00:23:49)

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Cocoon: The Return picture

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end when Wilford and Don and Kitty are about to sneak into the Oceanic Center, they are scoping out the scene. As they turn the corner, the shot changes to a shot mounted on the hood looking right at Wilford. You can make out the top of the camera's shadow near the right windshield wiper. (01:30:45)

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Dragons Forever picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the fight on the boat Jackie runs up some stairs and is attacked by a thug, Jackie kicks him in his crotch making him fall down the stairs on to another thug. As the thugs land on the ground you can see the blue crash mat they fall on. (00:44:10)


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Hobgoblins picture

Visible crew/equipment: Soon after Dennis dies via the Hobgoblin induced fantasy, Mr. McCreedy comes to check on him; when he gets to the door where they stopped earlier (where McCreedy told him not to proceed further down the hall), the actors' marks, T-marks in black duct tape, are visible on he floor where they stopped earlier.

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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels picture

Visible crew/equipment: Upon seeing the dancers, when Freddy is rushed away in his wheelchair by Janet, the reflection of the boom operator chasing after them can be seen in the mirror on the wall that they are running along.

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Return of the Living Dead Part II picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the severed hand is attacking Ed, and crawling on his body and shoulder, the black sleeve of the operator is visibly attached to the prop severed hand. (00:44:35)

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She's Having A Baby picture

Visible crew/equipment: As Jake is lifting weights in the bedroom, someone can be seen in the mirror behind him, opening the bedroom door.

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