Best adventure movie audio problems of 1988

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Space Mutiny picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Kalgan confronts third engineer Steve Godell on the catwalk, he laughs before saying the line: "third engineer Steve Godell?" The laugh begins while Kalgan is obscured by the set, and continues as he moves into the scene. As he steps from around the corner, you can see his mouth is closed and not moving at all, despite the fact that his laugh can still be heard for 3-4 seconds.

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Mac and Me picture

Audio problem: In McDonalds, when the cops come in after MAC, Mike is getting pushed by them, as they try to pass, and he shouts "What's he done wrong." yet his mouth clearly says otherwise. (01:04:00)

Hamster Premium member
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The Land Before Time picture

Audio problem: Littlefoot's lips don't move when he says "Cera, you came back." while pushing the boulder on the Sharptooth.

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The Bourne Identity picture

Audio problem: When Bourne rescues Marie, he fires a silenced pistol at the man who was trying to rape her, but the sound is of an unsilenced gun. (01:01:10)

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