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Married... with Children picture

Dial 'B' for Virgin - S9-E7

Trivia: When Al and Peg are in the video store looking for a movie to rent, the video store is giving away free copies of the movie Dutch. Dutch is a comedy that starred Ed O'Neill.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation picture

Trivia: Another joke from the set designers: whenever someone is in the Jeffries Tubes, you will see several pipes on the walls labeled "GNDN" this stands for "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing."

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The Bold and the Beautiful picture

Trivia: It's funny to note how many cast members were originally on "Sunset Beach" - another soap opera. First Amber (Tiffany on SB), then she was joined by three others when SB was cancelled. Morgan, Deacon and Kristen are to SB viewers better known as Annie, Jude and Tess.

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Beauty & the Beast picture

Trivia: Linda Hamilton was pregnant during production and wanted to be written out of the show so her character Catherine was killed off at the end of Season 2. This caused ratings to drop and the show was cancelled halfway into Season 3.

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Chucklevision picture

Trivia: Suprisingly, Barry is older than Paul by about two years, even though Paul is much taller then he is.


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