Best romance movie visible crew/equipment of 1987

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The Princess Bride picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Wesley sets the ROUS on fire, as the ROUS is writhing on the ground, you can see a crew member (fire safety?) walk into view beneath one of the roots of the trees on the right-hand side. (00:47:35)

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Dirty Dancing picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Johnny and Baby do their dance at the end of the movie they walk over and Baby's dad stops them. You can see their marks where they are supposed to stand. (01:34:35)

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Near Dark picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Caleb punches the driver guy in the bar, the guy (who has now been replaced by a stuntman) goes flying backwards and lands on the pool table. When this happens, a wire can be seen on the stuntman, pulling him back and guiding his movement.

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Can't Buy Me Love picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Ronald and Cindy get into Cindy's car for their last date, a stage light is reflected in the car door.

William Bergquist
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Stakeout picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene in the prison infirmary, the guard's nightstick is taken and used to beat the guard and the doctor. when it is first taken out of the guard's belt, it bends. Later, as it is being waved around, it can be seen bending repeatedly. It was obviously a rubber prop.

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Less Than Zero picture

Visible crew/equipment: Crew members can be seen reflected in the rear view mirror of Clay's convertible after he and Blair have their argument in the tunnel.

Phaneron Premium member
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Blind Date picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning when the guy is telling Bruce the story about the limo, they come out of the elevator and the camera starts tracking backwards. It casts a following shadow on the wall behind the two actors. You can make out the film magazine, and the head of a crew member. (00:04:50)

manthabeat Premium member
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