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Lethal Weapon pictureLethal Weapon mistake picture

Revealing mistake: Riggs handcuffs himself to the depressed businessman. They jump off the building but they're not handcuffed to each other anymore. They used plastic cuffs which could separate during the stunt in case anything went wrong. They break just as they jump, so they grab each other's hands to stay in contact. After they land the cuffs are attached again. (00:31:00)

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Predator picture

Revealing mistake: Mac and Dillon go after the Predator. The Predator is sitting in a tree, and Mac points him out to Dillon. They both agree that they see it and take position. Mac crawls underneath the alien and is killed by his laser. The Predator then sees Dillon and lasers his arm off. Dillon's arm falls to the ground with the gun firing. Quickly Dillon turns and reaches for the machine gun around his neck. When he turns you clearly see his bloody right stump and his right arm sticking out the bottom of his jacket. [Note: As far as I can work out, this has been cunningly edited out of the UK DVD version].

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Robocop pictureRobocop mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Dick Jones is falling from the top of the OCP building, both of his arms appear to be about a foot longer than they should be. (01:36:30)

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Innerspace pictureInnerspace mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jack is hanging out of the truck you can see him standing on the hood of the car which Lydia is driving. At some points we get camera view from the back seat of the car. In some angles the mirror inside the car disappear. This is to prevent us from seeing the camera. (01:04:15)

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace picture

Revealing mistake: After Nuclear Man destroys the cab's hood, the shot changes and there's a thick string running behind him all along the car, and the cab driver is stretching out to pull it. Probably he was activating some sort of bad FX.

Sacha Premium member
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Full Metal Jacket pictureFull Metal Jacket mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the Marines are jogging through the training camp complex, singing "I don't know but I've been told..." you can see the British road junction markings on the tarmac underneath them. There is little evidence to suggest that there was any attempt to disguise or remove them.

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Raising Arizona picture

Revealing mistake: As Hi is racing after the baby, a close-up of his tired face driving the brown Caprice shows the gear selector is in "Park".

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Masters of the Universe picture

Revealing mistake: The Eternia out-door scenes depicting the conquest of the Castle Grayskull area are actually one long shot subdivided into smaller parts. Look at the captured Eternian soldiers marched to the castle; they cover very little distance between the shots.

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Stakeout picture

Revealing mistake: During the car chase scene the cops shoot out the rear window of the convicts car, it is obvious that someone smashes the window with a hammer or crowbar from inside the car.(view in slow motion).

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Bad Taste picture

Revealing mistake: When Derek falls and is rolling down the cliff, it is a very clear dummy. It's legs and arms are in a stiff seated position. (00:23:15)

Hamster Premium member
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Cherry 2000 picture

Revealing mistake: After Cherry has malfunctioned, in various shots, such as when she inanimately lies in bed with Sam, you can see her breathing and blinking. She is supposed to be an inanimate robot. (00:13:05)

Hamster Premium member
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The Pathfinder picture

Revealing mistake: As Sierge shoots the Tsjude behind Aigin, a protective pad beneath the Tsjude's clothes is visible catching the arrow. (00:47:30)

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The Running Man picture

Revealing mistake: In the Sub-Zero fight scene, Laughlin (the black man) is on his back and Sub-Zero is standing over him. When Sub-Zero tries to kill Laughlin by hitting him with the hockey stick, he rolls to his right. Sub-Zero pulls the stuck hockey stick from the ice and tries to hit Laughlin again, but he then rolls to his left. The stick is once again stuck in the ice, but to the left of the stick there is another divot in the ice, suggesting Sub-Zero struck on Laughlin's right side twice, but in fact it was only once. Sub-Zero tries to hit Laughlin a third time, but he rolls to his right for the final attempt.

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The Sicilian picture

Revealing mistake: After the barber is shot dead by Giuliano and Aspanu has fixed the betrayer note on his shirt the corpse takes a rather deep breath. (01:20:00)

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The Living Daylights picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie after Necros falls from the plane the camera cuts back to Bond, as he tries to struggle his way out of the nest. If you look closely under the nest you can see Necros at the start of his fall again. Also notice Necros is replaced by a dummy.

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Over The Top picture

Revealing mistake: There are no keys in the ignition when Mike is driving the white truck.

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Beverly Hills Cop II picture

Revealing mistake: At the end of the movie, the trio arrive at the oil fields, crouch behind the rear of a car and Axel picks up some red dirt, explaining that it's the same as what was on Bogomil's shoes, and the horse. It is obvious that the crew just spread a small area of red dirt around for the shot. The majority of the area is regular brown dirt.

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Assassination picture

Revealing mistake: At one point Charles Bronson wields a rocket launcher, the type which is a one shot disposable variety that comes pre-loaded with the rocket inside the launcher and it cannot be reloaded. The problem is, before he fires, he swings the launcher so the audience can plainly see there is nothing in the launcher just before he fires.

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Death Wish 4: The Crackdown picture

Revealing mistake: When Frank Bauggs is falling from the building, he is a very obvious dummy. His body limps around too much. (00:50:45)

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Miami Connection picture

Revealing mistake: A bunch of seedy individuals are gathered, weapons in hand. Unbeknownst to them, though, deadly ninjas are creeping by, with all the speed of fast-forwarded footage. The problem, besides how obvious the trick is, is that it also features a visible jump cut; you can see the foliage change position literally from one frame to the other during the same shot. (00:01:30)

Sammo Premium member
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