Best TV mistake pictures of 1986

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Season 2 generally

Blackadder mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the introduction, the snake tries to get away from someone who is supposedly Blackadder. He gets the snake. It's head is above a black tile. There is then a close-up of the snake, Blackadder wags his finger at it. It is now above a white tile.

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Of Human Bondage - S7-E1

Designing Women mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Right after Mary Jo tells Anthony to eat her shorts, when the camera points at him, you can see the edge of the set and several people behind it. (00:08:15)

luke f
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Yomigaere! Eiyuu Densetsu - S1-E1

Saint Seiya mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At night, Seiya is startled by Marin's voice and looks at her. There's a table with wine and fruit to his right. A few seconds later, in another shot of the room, the table moved to the left. (00:12:40)

Sammo Premium member
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