Best TV audio problems of 1986

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Audio problem: "Blackadder Back and Fourth": Blackadder and his guests are going to the cellar where the time machine is kept. While they are going down the stairs, Blackadder says, "To his exact specifications." However, his mouth is shut and his lips don't move. (00:03:35)

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God is My Co-Counsel - S8-E14

Audio problem: When Benny is talking to Rosalie and his friend who hired the band shortly before the wedding, Benny's mouth movements don't match the sound.

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My Little Pony and Friends picture

The End of Flutter Valley (3) - S1-E3

Audio problem: As the Flutter Ponies discuss how to escape from the giant honeycomb they are trapped in, Rosedust addresses the Flutter Ponies. Yet Rosedust is in the audience and Honeysuckle is addressing the group in Rosedust's voice.

Blue Phoenix
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ALF picture

A Little Bit of Soap - S1-E14

Audio problem: When ALF is starting to put the clothes pin under his mouth, you can hear a far off yelling in the background about a second before ALF actually starts to yell. (00:12:25)

Justin Davis
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