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Top Gun picture

Stupidity: When Cougar (and later, Maverick and Goose) report to Stinger's office at the beginning of the film, a photo of an F-5 in flight (or possibly a T-38) appears on the wall beside his desk. However, the F-5s that appear in this movie are standing in as MiGs. Of all the aircraft photos the set designer could have selected for this scene, it seems strange to use one of an "enemy" aircraft.

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Aliens picture

Stupidity: After the ammo is removed when the team are under the reactor coolers Vasquez is still on point, even though her machine gun doesn't have a flamethrower capability and her hands are too occupied to be able to use one. Should have been replaced by another team member with an 'active' weapon.

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Suggested correction: True but Vasquez's weapon is a) still loaded/powered and b) has a sophisticated sensor system which might be better at detecting enemies than naked eyes. It's still a stupidity because even if she sees something she shouldn't be able to do anything except call it out (as far as Gorman and Apone know) or fire (which is what she and Drake actually do, against orders). But at least it's a logical stupid mistake, instead of a senseless stupid mistake.

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F/X (1986)

F/X picture

Stupidity: After the Defranco "assassination" Rollie learns he is a target and survives two attempts on his life. But instead of leaving town or finding somewhere else to hide for the night, he spends the night in his own apartment (even though he was well aware the killers knew where he lived). As a result, his girlfriend is killed and he barely escapes alive.

Gavin Jackson

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No Retreat, No Surrender picture

Stupidity: Scott spread his lie about the protagonist telling Dean, who tells Frank (without details, just that the guy is 'a good fighter'). So barely one person (acting rather childish for a supposed master) has any animosity towards the new fella. There are over two dozens people in the class (in a 'good guys' gym, not one of those evil moustache twirling villain dens) and yet everyone is happy and cheerful watching a black belt beat the snot out of a schoolboy redbelt, for no reason. Most people there are grown-ups and there are black belts; they should be horrified or at least VERY puzzled. (00:30:00)

Sammo Premium member

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America 3000 picture

Stupidity: The men have a blaster or fancy gun of some kind from the bunker Korvus found yet they never use it once in battle against the Amazons.


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