Best romance movie visible crew/equipment of 1986

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Top Gun picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Goose and Maverick are in the sea after their plane crashes, look carefully, there's a thin black rope latching onto Maverick and the camera crew's boat.

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Jumping Jack Flash picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Terry is on the roof in her blue sequin dress, you can see she has kneepads on. (00:53:00)

Hamster Premium member
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The Wraith picture

Visible crew/equipment: In many of the racing scenes the camera crew's shadows can be seen at the bottom of the screen. (Corrected in the DVD version).

Mister Ed
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One Crazy Summer picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the boat race when the rabid dolphin captures the man, the little girl raises out of the top. You can see a crew man inside the hole on the right of the girl.

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Howard the Duck picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the Overlord is busy destroying the Diner, when he starts destroying stuff on the counter, you can see the small rods pop up that flip the saucers and glasses into the air. You can also see the compressed air they used, to aid with the effect.

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The Karate Kid Part II picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Daniel and Mr Miyagi are walking along the street (near the time where Daniel uncovers the "weights scam" on the scales of the vegetable buyer), the camera dolly handle is plainly in view at the bottom of the screen. (Fullscreen)

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At Close Range picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Brad Sr. brings Terry to the motel, the boom mic is reflected on the passenger-side window.

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A Fine Mess pictureA Fine Mess mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: The two protagonists cash in the win and are running from the goons who chase them. The car of the two baddies is parked outside. During the sequence when the car loses the second door, you can see reflected with great detail the camera crew and stage lights, right in the side of the car. (00:26:50)

Sammo Premium member
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