Best movie mistakes of 1986

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Psycho III picture

Other mistake: Maureen cuts her wrists with a razor blade. Days later, no bandages or scars.

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Extremities picture

Continuity mistake: Marjorie sprays the rapist in the left eye, mostly, with insect spray, but later it is his right eye that is affected the most.

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Vamp picture

Revealing mistake: At the end when Katrina's skeleton flips off Keith, you can plainly see a crew member's hand moving the arm.

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The Deliberate Stranger picture

Factual error: Ted Bundy is trying to pick up a potential victim in front of a record store, where a poster of Stevie Nicks' album, Rock a Little, is displayed. This scene took place in the mid-1970's, but Nicks' album was released in 1985.

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Golden Temple Amazons picture

Factual error: One scene shows the elephants bathing. During which you can see a car/van passing behind the trees in the background.

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Never Too Young to Die picture

Continuity mistake: The views of von Ragnar at the wheel of the semi truck show him wearing tight-fitting glitter gloves as seen into the cab, but large, looser, darker gloves in closeup shots of von Ragnar's hands on the wheel.

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America 3000 picture

Other mistake: Lakella seems to disappear from the movie after the battle.

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Slaughter High picture

Audio problem: Although the protagonists are all American, the actors are all English. This is why several characters mysteriously switch accents part of the way through the film - Marty speaks with a solid English accent after his first few lines.

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Heartburn picture

Continuity mistake: When Rachel goes to the "group", her bag is multi-coloured; when she comes home from the "group", her bag is different, it is now just black.

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Legal Eagles picture

Plot hole: Chelsea says that when her deceased father gave her one of his paintings (now missing), he wrote an inscription to her on the back. She says she cannot prove that he actually did this other than he noted it in his journal and she does not know where the journal is. However, when Chelsea's father presented the painting to her on her 8th birthday, there were at least 100 adults present at her party who witnessed him giving her the painting, writing the inscription, and signing his name on the back of the canvas which was displayed to the guests. Any number of these people could be contacted and corroborate her claim.

raywest Premium member
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Troll picture

Continuity mistake: Torok the Troll wears a magic silver ring which allows him to appear in the form of Wendy Potter. However after Wendy's mother tells her about the orange juice, when Wendy touches the cold bottle of milk in the fridge she grabs her arm in pain and we can see both of her hands, and she's not wearing that magic ring.

Super Grover Premium member
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Chopping Mall picture

Other mistake: Walter Paisley is cleaning the floor and encounters the first robot. The whole reason the robots are patrolling at this point is that the shopping centre is supposedly closed to customers, as it is nighttime. However in this scene you can see quite a few people shopping on the upper tier of the mall above Paisley.

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River's Edge picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Crispin Glover goes into a telephone booth to make a call, the cameraman and his camera are reflected in the glass.

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The Last Days of Patton picture

Continuity mistake: After the car accident, a man in a black hat and coat runs up to the left-side rear window of Patton's car, taps on the glass, then peers into the car. The camera angle changes to show the Jeep arriving and we see the same man in black arrive again to repeat all the same moves exactly. (01:13:30)

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The Morning After picture

Continuity mistake: Jane Fonda gets out of Jeff Bridge's car in broad daylight, but when she enters the dead man's house, it's night-time.

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