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Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning picture

Plot hole: When the cop shows Pam the newspaper clippings they include what look to be fresh photos of the real Jason from the events of Part IV, yet no photographer is ever seen taking pictures of Jason alive in the previous films and most likely wouldn't live long enough to publish the photo. (01:25:00)


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Suggested correction: The picture was taken from security footage at the hospital after killing the 2 employees.


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The Care Bears Movie picture

Plot hole: What was the point of Jason holding onto the key to the evil spirit's book when Secret Heart Bear can simply create a key herself?

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Witness picture

Plot hole: When John tries to start his car with the flat battery the least he should have done is switch the windshield wipers off. (01:33:50)


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Into the Night picture

Plot hole: When Diana turns up at her director friend's house she finds it crawling with cops as his girlfriend Christie has been murdered and the house is now a crime scene. She explains she lent Christie a coat and is there to pick it up - and a cop helpfully finds it on the floor and hands it to her. Are we to believe that a homicide policeman will hand over an artifact from a murder scene to an unidentified woman without making any attempt to confirm her identity, or even if the coat is even hers!? They don't even ask.

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Spies Like Us picture

Plot hole: When Fitz-Hume and Millbarge disguise themselves as aliens in order to distract the mobile launcher crew, where exactly did they get the foil they are wearing? Except for the satellite dish Millbarge wears on his head, no parts of their code transmitter can have been used or the thing would be of no further use, and it is very unlikely that either of the two spy groups brought any of the foil along.

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A View to a Kill picture A View to a Kill mistake picture

Plot hole: When Bond and Tibbett break into the underground lab and find the device which drugs the racehorses, you can see that it has a large light emitting diode (LED) on the top of it. What possible use would that be, since the device is implanted in the horse's leg, and is supposed to be covert? (00:37:20)


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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge picture

Plot hole: When Freddy takes over Jesse's body at the party, there are several people watching through the patio doors when he confronts Lisa. None of these people ever make a sound, even when they see Lisa have a knife fight with a horribly disfigured man with long knives coming out of his fingers. The other party goers are completely oblivious to Freddy's presence until he comes jumping through the glass doors.


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D.A.R.Y.L. picture

Plot hole: If the government guys could see Daryl in the cockpit, they should have known they could finish him off. If they launched a missile, he would either be hit by it or cook himself himself trying to outrun or outclimb it.

Grumpy Scot

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Jewel of the Nile picture

Plot hole: Jack says, "Our anchor was stolen and we were drifting for days." It's a sailboat, not only does it have sails but it has a motor too. They could easily maneuver the boat.

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The Heavenly Kid picture

Plot hole: The beginning takes place in the early 1960's, Bobby being around 18 years old. Assuming its 1962 and he conceived Lenny in this year, 17 years later would be 1979-1980. This movie is suppose to take place in present day 1985. There is about a 5-6 year issue with time.


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The Return of the Living Dead picture

Plot hole: After Frank and Freddie accidentally release the trioxin gas, there are several shots of the gas entering a return air vent and traveling through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system belonging to the warehouse. Finally the gas exits into the freezer directly on to a hanging cadaver. This room was previously confirmed as a freezer and would have had its own self contained refrigeration system with its own ventilation system. Typical freezer doors also seal as they close. The cadaver would have never come into contact with the trioxin gas and would have never reanimated.

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American Ninja picture

Plot hole: When Dudikoff gets Ninja training from the old gardener before his final confrontation with Black Star Ninja, the gardener says "The time has come for your final lesson" and then introduces him to the throwing star and the ninja sword. If this is the final lesson and he's only being introduced to these weapons now, how come Dudikoff used these weapons successfully earlier, against about 15 ninjas in the fight at the warehouse trap?

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Suggested correction: The lesson was the use of "ninja magic" symbols, not the weaponry.

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Trancers picture

Plot hole: The 'medics' carry the body bag that is supposed to have the body of Evil Santa inside, but Whistler vaporized it. Somehow, they fail to notice that the obese man weighs like a feather and the bag is deflated and empty. Moreover, the other Trancers vaporize within seconds from their death, but that one, and only that one, took minutes or even hours to disappear, only with Whistler's direct intervention. (00:25:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Silverado picture

Plot hole: No one hears the gunshot in the jail. The townspeople would come to see where the shot was fired. (01:39:28 - 01:39:52)

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To Live and Die in LA picture

Plot hole: In the airport scene when Chance runs through security after Cody, he is chased by an airport police officer. During later shots you can see the officer in hot pursuit not far behind Chance. Yet when he gets to the exit gate beside the washroom where Cody was hiding, Chance spends several seconds scanning the gate area before setting off to the washroom. Surely the airport officer would've long caught up to Chance by then, but instead the same officer does not re-appear until some time later after Chance has intercepted Cody in the washroom.

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Desert Hearts picture

Plot hole: It's never explained why Frances Parker would be upset about Cay pursuing Vivian. She knows she's gay, but we're never told why she's mad.


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Suggested correction: Because Frances was afraid Cay would leave her to be alone and she blames Vivian for making Cay fall for Vivian, out of fear or resentment of being alone.


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Commando picture

Plot hole: After Matrix and Bennett have their long fight Bennett picks up a small UZI ready to kill Matrix. Where did the gun come from? Matrix didn't kill anyone in that room and Bennett threw away the gun he had which was a pistol yet there just happens to be a gun already on the floor.


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