Best movie deliberate mistakes of 1985

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Clue picture

Deliberate mistake: The same footage of Ms. Scarlet screaming when the cook falls out of the freezer is used when Wadsworth falls out of the freezer. (Note the cigarette.)

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Rocky IV picture

Deliberate mistake: When Rocky cuts Drago during round two of their fight, the punch actually hits Drago on the chin. His eye would not cut from that impact.

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Runaway Train picture

Deliberate mistake: The entire plot wouldn't exist without this one, but just before the engineer stumbles out the door and falls off, he pulls the big red lever on the left side of the cab. In the real world this puts the air brake system into its emergency mode. Among other things, this mode trips a solenoid which causes the engine to return to idle, and the electrical system to not put out power. Neither the Diesel engine nor the electrical system will respond to control inputs until/unless the air system is reset.

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Mask picture

Deliberate mistake: The mirror that made Rocky's face look normal should've made his mom's face look different, but her face stayed the same.

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The Goonies picture

Deliberate mistake: Even if the kids split up on the water slide, only the last two fell out of sequence. Mikey exited first followed by Mouth, and Stef, but then Brand fell before Andy, he should have been last.

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Cocoon picture

Deliberate mistake: David spots the boat with the old folk on and runs around the harbor, down the jetty and jumps towards the dive boat as it leaves the jetty. He doesn't jump very high and you can see he would miss the rail on the boat. In the next shot, a (larger) stunt double is shown leaping high in the air onto the boat and, of course, catches the rail.

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Back to the Future picture

Deliberate mistake: The 45's advertised as new releases on the record store sign actually came out at different times throughout 1955. A true selection of new releases from early November 1955 would have most likely included minor hit singles that 80's moviegoers wouldn't have recognized. The songs listed were some of the biggest hits of that year and were obviously chosen for their ability to help set the musical tone of the time. (00:34:30)

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Spies Like Us picture

Deliberate mistake: When the Russian tosses a grenade toward the wood pile when Fitz-Hume and Millbarge are, Fitz-Hume catches it. Trouble is, he is looking up, as if expecting it, when anyone else would be hunkered down. Then when he tosses the grenade back, it's in a manner that would give it a high arc. Instead, it flies straight into the window of the building.

Movie Nut

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Pee-wee's Big Adventure picture

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Pee Wee is dreaming after his crash, the crane that is going to pick up his bike misses the bike completely and then is shown in the air as if it actually had grabbed it. (01:07:50)

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A Chorus Line picture

Deliberate mistake: During the finale of "One," near the end of the number when the entire cast and all of the extras, dressed in gold lame tuxedos, are doing the last kick line before the credits, one of the dancers (second row, third from the right) falls down and gets right back up again. While this mistake wasn't "deliberate" as such, it was probably simply prohibitive to film the entire kick line over again for the sake of the one fall that is barely noticeable, so was deliberately left in.


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Commando picture

Deliberate mistake: When Matrix arrives to the beach and arms himself up, a cloud of smoke appears out of nowhere. This results in a more dramatic shot, but it's totally senseless. (01:07:35)

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Rambo: First Blood Part II picture

Deliberate mistake: When Rambo attacks the POW camp with the Hue helicopter you can at one point see that the rocket pods carries 7 rockets each, however during the attack Rambo launches roughly 26 rockets from each pod as they fire simultaneously.

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Witness picture

Deliberate mistake: To keep things simple, the movie relies on the Lancaster County Sheriff as a county police force. In reality, the county sheriff serves the county court (transporting prisoners, for example) but does not serve as a county wide police force. In PA, each city, borough, and township has its own police force. Note the varied colors of police cars at the farm in one of the final scenes. These were borrowed from the various local police forces (Lancaster City, for example, is robin egg blue with a white top).

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The Care Bears Movie picture

Deliberate mistake: During "Nobody Cares Like a Bear," Kim opens a gift box containing a balloon. Secret Bear then grabs it and floats away. But when Grumpy Bear tosses a star and pops the balloon, confetti flies out of it and, for the next second, keeps reappearing from nowhere. (00:14:05)


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