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The Black Cauldron picture

Continuity mistake: When Taran, Princess Elonwy and Fflewddur try to escape from the Horned King's castle, Taran opened the gate by removing the chains. The next shot the gate is closed and chained, the last shot the gate is open again, and the boat is pushed trough by Taran. (01:06:33)

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Ran (1985)

Ran picture

Continuity mistake: When the wife of the new lord arrives at the castle and asks the guard why the other people don't bow in front of her, the guard runs to the other side of the road and speaks to those people. The shot later, he has disappeared.

Dr Wilson

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A Chorus Line picture

Continuity mistake: In the flashback scene (where Cassie has the crazy long hair) we see "young" Cassie perform a routine in the studio. Zach comes out of the shower towelling his hair and watches her. We see his hair is messed up having just been roughly dried with a towel. The next shot is Cassie dancing, then the next shot is back to Zach, and this time his hair is combed nicely down.

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Mask picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie a big man is placing flowers at Rocky's grave. From the back of the tombstone he is laying the flowers on their sides. In the next shot, from the front of the stone, they are standing up, leaning against the stone.

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Re-Animator picture

Continuity mistake: The glass window in the door to Dr. Hill's office is broken so that the main character and his girlfriend can enter. Later when Dr. Hill and his severed head return, the glass is perfectly fine.

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Sweet Dreams picture

Continuity mistake: When Charlie goes to jail he sits on the bed and bums a cigarette. Then the next morning he is lying on the bed and bums another cigarette. His bed changes heights in each shot. (01:30:50 - 01:31:25)

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Young Sherlock Holmes picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Rathe is about to fight Sherlock, among several things a sword magically appears at Holmes' feet.


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Brewster's Millions picture

Continuity mistake: When Monty punches that guy at the end, check out how the parting of his hair goes from left to right and back again in one shot as he falls and gets up.

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Mischief picture Mischief mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the lads run over the fire hydrant in Jonathan's father's Studie, the bumper appears undamaged. However, when they pull up in front of his house, the right side of the bumper is badly crumpled.

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Prizzi's Honor picture

Continuity mistake: About one hour in, Maerose is sitting at the table talking to her father. Every shot from the front shows her with her right arm across her body, but every shot from the rear shows her arm forward on the table.

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Follow That Bird picture

Continuity mistake: Everyone wears the same outfit during their hunt for Big Bird. Maria's changes to a dress once they arrive in Toadstool.

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Tampopo picture

Continuity mistake: When Gun is having lunch with the Sensei, Gun picks up a bowl of noodles as well as two chopsticks. At first, the two chopsticks are facing outwards. But in the next shot, the two chopsticks are facing inwards toward the bowl. (00:03:53)

Casual Person

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A Room with a View picture

Continuity mistake: Right after Lucy buys her pictures, she walks on the plaza and takes off her coat, carrying it on her arm. When she starts fainting, George catches her and starts carrying her. Both of her arms are in clear sight and the coat is nowhere to be seen. The shot changes, and then her coat is again wrapped around her right arm, squished between their bodies.


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Summer Rental picture

Continuity mistake: When John Candy is woken up by his wife after getting drunk with Scully, he has a hoop earring in his right ear. Later during the regatta, the earring appears in his left.

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My Science Project picture

Continuity mistake: When Mickey is being interviewed for the yearbook, watch out for students that walk in his opposite direction. There are obvious recycled extras appearing in multiple shots coming from the same direction, such as the blonde with checkered top paired up with a guy in a blue shirt. (00:09:00)

Sammo Premium member

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The Falcon and the Snowman picture

Continuity mistake: When Dalton is having his picture taken with his camera by the blonde next to the pool, she has his camera. Christopher confronts him, then in the next shot Dalton now has the camera and the blonde is holding red roses.


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Code of Silence picture

Continuity mistake: When the men posing as painters rip off the drug dealers, they place a scaffolding plank to cross to the other building, which they remove from the windows and it falls onto the street. When Chuck Norris enters the apartment it reappears.


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Explorers picture

Continuity mistake: Wolfgang removes his oxygen mask just before shutting off the field surrounding the Thunder Road. When the field goes off he can be seen through the front window still wearing it.

Grumpy Scot

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Trancers picture

Continuity mistake: When Jack receives the baseball card from the Consul, he's holding the other photo from the top, which becomes the bottom in close-up. (00:15:55)

Sammo Premium member

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