Best adventure movie audio problems of 1985

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The Goonies picture The Goonies mistake picture

Audio problem: When Chunk flags down the car for help, he finds Jake Fratelli, who begins to sing loudly in Italian. Chunk screams, and as we hear Jake continue singing, we see his reflection in the side-view mirror as he is smoking a cigarette silently. (00:49:00)

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Commando picture

Audio problem: Towards the end there's a firefight between Matrix who wields a shotgun and El Presidente who is armed with a Steyr AUG. The weapon sounds used for the Steyr AUG however are from a MAC 10 or an UZI and don't sound a bit like it. (01:18:13)

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Pee-wee's Big Adventure picture

Audio problem: The carts the guards are chasing Pee-Wee in are electric, which we see when they first get to them and have to unplug them. However throughout the entire chase scene we distinctly hear gas engine sound effects. (01:12:30)


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A View to a Kill picture

Audio problem: When Bond steals the cab driver's car after coming down from the Eiffel Tower the words the cab driver yells doesn't match up to the way his lips move. (00:18:45)

Tobin OReilly

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Ladyhawke picture

Audio problem: When Philippe climbs up to the grating in the church, a little girl talks to him, but her mouth does not move.

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Back to the Future picture

Audio problem: Lorraine comes to see Marty in Doc's garage in 1955 to ask him if he will go to the dance with her. Just before Lorraine moves to the other side of the car from where she walked in, she begins to say something to Marty. The problem is that her lips don't move when she talks, I guess the right clip ended up on the editing room floor. (01:11:40)


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The Sure Thing picture

Audio problem: As Tim Robbins drives off at the start of the trip to California, he sings "The Age of Aquarius," but his lips through the car window aren't mouthing anything close to the line he is singing. (00:28:10)

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Return to Oz picture

Audio problem: When Tik Tok lets the Wheeler go, as the Wheeler skates off he is laughing and saying "Behave." His mouth is clearly out of sync with the audio, however. (00:39:15)

Hamster Premium member

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Cocoon picture

Audio problem: When Ben and the rest of his friends are "out on the town", he starts his car to go home, but when he does it makes the distinct sound of an older Chrysler when he was driving a Cadillac.

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The Care Bears Movie picture

Audio problem: When Nicholas casts the spell to make the kids fight, Tender Heart says "Nicholas what have you done?" His mouth is closed when he says "Nicholas."

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Runaway Train picture

Audio problem: At the end of the movie, after Manny has disconnected the locomotive from the rest of the train which is slowing down, when it stops we can hear it screech. It shouldn't as the train slows down naturally without the help of the breaks, which additionally, as it had been mentioned (by the woman), are not working. (01:45:30)


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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome picture

Audio problem: When Master is riding on Max's truck, he says "Everybody, have a good time! Saturday night!" His mouth doesn't match up with the words.

Movie Nut

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King Solomon's Mines picture

Audio problem: When Quatermain and Jesse are fleeing in a stolen truck, they are being chased by people in other vehicles. Even though all the streets are dirt, there are numerous times when the tires of all the vehicles squeal.

Noman Premium member

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Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins... picture

Audio problem: After Chiun gets all of the rings on the bottles, you can see that they have all settled, yet you keep hearing the sound of them still settling through the rest of the scene.

Movie Nut

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Jewel of the Nile picture

Audio problem: During the rally as things start going south, a woman's scream can be heard. Nevermind that the only woman there is Joan, but the same scream is heard repeated over and over.

manthabeat Premium member

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