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Voltron: Defender of the Universe picture

Trivia: The company that adapted "King of Beasts Go-lion" (Lion Force) and "Dairugger" (Vehicle Force) into "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" also wanted to dub another anime robot series called "Lightning God Albegas," but for some mysterious reason it never did. Some people speculated that the sexual perverted behavior of one of the major characters from Albegas, or the unaesthetic appearance of the six-armed robot may be the reason why the series was never dubbed. Interesting enough, toys based on Albegas were sold under the Voltron name.


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V (1984)

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Miami Vice picture

Trivia: Michael Mann was originally against casting Don Johnson. Prior to this TV series, Johnson had starred in four failed TV pilots.

Cubs Fan

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes picture

Trivia: Aside from his considerable talent and theatrical qualifications, the reason that Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was so nuanced, meticulous and authentic is because the role was therapeutic to him. In real life, all throughout the various Granada Television series (from 1984 to 1994), Brett was plagued with manic-depression, erratic behavior and heart problems, from which he fatalistically felt he would never recover. Immersing himself in the mentally-disciplined character of Sherlock Holmes gave Brett much-needed focus and clarity in the last ten years of his life.

Charles Austin Miller

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Night Court picture

The Trouble is Not in Your Set - S6-E14

Trivia: Marion Ross guest stars as a woman who watches a lot of TV, but believes the characters are real people. In one scene she references the following show by naming people/characters: Oprah, Donahue, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Cosby Show, Dynasty, M.A.S.H., Dallas, Leave it to Beaver. The last character she names is "The Fonz", from Happy Days, which Ross also starred in as Mrs. Cunningham.


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Three's a Crowd picture

Deeds of Trust - S1-E18

Trivia: This episode is the only one with any references to "Three's Company." Larry Dallas made a guest appearance, but he (and all the other main cast members) are never seen or mentioned in any other episode.

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