Best comedy movie visible crew/equipment of 1984

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Gremlins pictureGremlins mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When a gremlin attacks the Mum from a Christmas tree, and the tree falls on top of her, you can clearly see a member of the crew with eyeglasses, wearing a red shirt, standing behind the tree pushing it forward on top of her. (00:54:30)

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Beverly Hills Cop picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Axel barges into Victor's office and asks about Mikey, a boom mic can be seen right in front of Victor's face during every shot from behind his armchair. (00:27:50)

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Hot Dog... The Movie picture

Visible crew/equipment: Camera crew reflection visible on Squirrel Murphy's helmet. (01:25:05)

Mister Ed
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Splash picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Madison enters Bloomingdales, you can see the reflection of Ron Howard in one of the mirrors. (00:37:45)

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Cannonball Run II picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning of the film, a police car is chasing the black Mitsubishi. When the police car is gone, the Mitsubishi 'lands' on the roadside. Look at the shadow to see a portion of the crane that is lowering the car. It's the type used in junkyards that has a large magnet to lift cars.

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Supergirl pictureSupergirl mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Selena visits the school, there's a tube reflected on her window. When her car starts to move we see it's part of an umbrella-like structure used for lighting.

Sacha Premium member
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Romancing the Stone picture

Visible crew/equipment: In every shot where "the kid" is driving the red sports car, you can see that there is nobody in the car with him - Elaine should be in the passenger seat. Even slumped over unconscious, she'd be visible. (00:13:25)

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Sixteen Candles picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Samantha and her mother are talking in the kitchen you can see the boom mic's shadow on the cabinet between them.

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Bachelor Party picture

Visible crew/equipment: A short scene opens with an alternate couple in an opposing hotel suite to the one the bachelor party is in full swing at. The guy relaxes the woman by telling her he is just going to open the window for some fresh air, and as he walks to that window and is about to open it, the boom mike can be seen. This appears on the Australian VHS release of this movie. (01:16:30)

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Seksmisja picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the dinner scene in "Her" Excellency garden, right after Lamia breaks the egg in her hands, there's a cameraman's reflection on the metal jug held by Max.

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The Toxic Avenger picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the car goes off the cliff towards the end, you can see crew members watching and a red van with crew members in it.

John Cyr
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The Muppets Take Manhattan picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Kermit is at Sardi's (the restaurant), when the waiter asks to take his coat, Kermit says, "No!" Look right beside Kermit. You can see the top of Jim Henson's head for most of the shot. Also, when Kermit rises from beneath the table to put up his picture, you can see Jim Henson's head pop up as the camera pans up.

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Ghostbusters picture

Visible crew/equipment: Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd's stunt doubles are visible in the shot (from behind) that shows the Ghostbusters falling into a hole. (01:20:35)

Casual Person
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Repo Man picture

Visible crew/equipment: There is a scene in this movie where Emilio Estevez and his partner are sitting in a car outside a shop. The camera tracks in on them. The problem is the crew havent bothered to hide the camera track running from the bottom of the frame up under the car. There is a badly placed black mat that covers a bit of it but this just draws your attention to it.

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Top Secret! pictureTop Secret! mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the "Straighten the Rug" dance scene, when Nick runs up the wall and does a backflip, it is clear that he is being held up by wires. The filmmakers did a good job rotoscoping the wires out against the wall, but when his legs pass behind the wires and harness, they have not been taken out at all and are visible. (Freeze-frame when he is completely upside down for the best view.). (01:07:10)

Garlonuss Premium member
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Wheels on Meals picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the car chase, when the taxi drives over the gas can and does the two wheel driving, you can see the ramp that flipped it up behind it. (01:01:25)

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Revenge of the Nerds picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the shot where Lewis and Gilbert arrive at Adam's College and are carrying the trunk to the dorm, you see two bicycles crash together. Look closely on the concrete sidewalk below them and you will see the shadow of the film crew rolling by. (00:07:35)

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