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Mama's Family picture

Vint and the Kids Move In - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Vint moves in, he stays in the basement. Mama, Fran, and Buzz all have a "bedroom." Sonya moves into Fran's studio. Then when Naomi thinks she's pregnant, they argue over where Vint and Naomi will move to instead of the basement. Fran says she won't give up her room, Buzz says his room is in the attic. Sonya says her room is microscopic. Thelma has the biggest room. Then on Mama's Birthday, she gets Buzz to help clean out of the attic, which obviously wasn't his room as he stated. Then, of course, after Buzz, Sonya, and Fran are all gone there's only room for Thelma and Bubba upstairs.

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Winds of War picture

Show generally

Factual error: Part 4: The cord on the telephone Pug uses to call Pam should be a straight wire. Instead, it's coiled: a design not yet in use in the 1940s. (00:13:30)

Jean G

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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet picture

Private Lives - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Neville is telling Dennis he should find a woman, Dennis is getting dressed up in his suit to meet Dagmar. After Neville has finished talking, Dennis leaves the hut without a suitcase. But when he arrives at the hotel with Dagmar he is seen putting his case on the bed(Dagmar has one as well). It is clear that he has come straight from the hut, as he is telling Dagmar what Neville had told him before he left.

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe picture Video

Day of the Machines - S2-E3

Other mistake: When Teela is at Snake Mountain, she overhears TrapJaw saying how Skeletor's electrical creature will control all of the machines at the palace. When Teela returns to He-Man, she says that the creature Skeletor created is called Byte. There's no way for Teela to know the name of the creature, since TrapJaw never referred to it by name. (00:14:24 - 00:15:20)

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Kyaputen Tsubasa picture

The New Soccer Star - S1-E1

Other mistake: Tsubasa's mom calls him because the movers' truck is leaving. He kicks the ball outside the window, and is downstairs to catch it, quite the impossible feat especially when you factor in that he kicked the ball with not much of a vertical trajectory, almost in a straight parabolic pattern out of the window, and meanwhile he also found time to wear and fasten his shoes. And it's not even played up as something strange. (00:03:00)

Sammo Premium member

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