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Psycho II picture

Trivia: When Mary and Norman go into Mother's room, before Mary turns on the light look at the shadow on the wall on the right. It is a silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock, the director of the original "Psycho" (1960). (00:24:10)

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Octopussy picture

Trivia: The "blink and you'll miss it" part of Smithers (Q's assistant who triggers the powerful door-slam) is played by Jeremy Bulloch. Only worth noting because we see his face for once, as he's most famous for a part where he wears a mask - Boba Fett in the Star Wars sequels.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Jaws 3-D picture

Trivia: At some of the theaters showing this film, when the shark explodes, the "guts" are actually E.T. dolls that were being sold.

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Brainstorm picture

Trivia: Contrary to longstanding rumors, Natalie Wood's death did not change the plot or threaten production of this film. At the time of her death, Wood had already completed all of her principal photography, including the ending. According to producer/director Douglas Trumbull, the truth of the matter was that Metro Goldwyn Mayer was in financial trouble and saw Wood's death as an opportunity to bail itself out of debt; so, MGM halted production of "Brainstorm" and tried to write-off the film as a loss in order to collect a sizable insurance claim from Lloyd's of London. When Lloyd's investigated the claim and deposed Douglas Trumbull, he told Lloyd's that the movie was not at all damaged or threatened by Wood's death, and that it could easily be completed. Although MGM refused to pay for the film's completion, Lloyd's of London itself gave Trumbull $5.8 million to finish production.

Charles Austin Miller

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Yellowbeard picture

Trivia: Tommy Chong couldn't do a Spanish accent, so while all the other Spanish characters imitate Spanish English, he just does a speech impediment instead. He admitted so himself in the 'making of'.

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Bad Boys picture

Trivia: According to the audio commentary on the DVD, actress Jamie Lee Curtis makes a very quick cameo at the beginning of the film. However, her name is not listed in the credits.

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The Meaning of Life picture

Trivia: When the title first appears, it says "Monty Python's Meaning Of Liff," which abruptly changes to "Life" with the title is struck by lightning. Author Douglas Adams (friend of Graham Chapman and occasional Python contributor) contacted Terry Gilliam to ask if he could use the title "The Meaning Of Liff" for a mock dictionary he was writing at about the same time. Adams and the Pythons agreed that the crossover publicity could be mutually beneficial. (00:17:35)


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Revenge of the Ninja picture

Trivia: It is commonplace for Sho Kosugi films that whenever a family is to be portrayed; his two sons Shane and Kane are cast into corresponding roles.

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All the Right Moves picture

Trivia: Remember the bit in Scream where Tatum says of this film "if you freeze it just right you can see his penis"? Well, she's right - you can! (It's in the love scene right after the girl plays sax in the street.) Keep in mind that it's a body double, not Tom Cruise, though.

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Doctor Detroit picture

Trivia: During the end credits, we see a bold promise that Doctor Detroit would return in "Doctor Detroit II: The Wrath of Mom" (spoofing the title of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan). This was probably just a gag, as Universal Pictures did not have high expectations for Doctor Detroit, and the film was a critical and box office failure, so no sequels were ever discussed. but to this day, Dan Aykroyd fans still ask him about the Doctor Detroit sequel. While he quickly dismisses any notions of a sequel, Aykroyd does, in fact, consider Doctor Detroit his most important film, for personal reasons: "Obviously it's the most important movie of my career. It's the one where I met my wife. It led to three kids and 30 years of marriage, so it's a pretty important movie for me. But I don't see Universal stepping up to that particular one." (Dan Aykroyd, 2013).

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Porky's II: The Next Day picture

Trivia: Director Bob Clark has a cameo appearance in this film as one of the KKK members.

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Project A picture

Trivia: The original title for the film roughly translated to "Pirate Patrol." The title was changed during production, however, as Jackie Chan and the producers feared that other Hong Kong studios would rush to copy the film by making similar pirate-themed adventures. Chan later chose the much more vague title of "Project A," since it gave nothing away about the plot.


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Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone picture

Trivia: When Wolff wakes up Chalmers from her sleep you can see a copy of a play called "R.U.R" lying on her chest. R.U.R is a science fiction play and it contained the first use of the word "robot." This is a clue as to Chalmers' origin. (00:07:32)

Jack Vaughan

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Staying Alive picture

Trivia: Director Sylvester Stallone has a cameo in an early scene where Tony is looking down the sidewalk in a crowd. Stallone bumps into Tony, and they turn to look at one another for a moment.

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10 to Midnight picture

Trivia: When Warren Stacy is in the dorm he picks up a police radio and the dispatcher can be heard saying Code 6 (Code 6 Stay out of area - at Florence And Normandie. This is the intersection where the Rodney King Riots ( would break out nine years later. (01:33:05)

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Mickey's Christmas Carol picture

Trivia: Minnie Mouse doesn't have a single line of dialogue in the film.

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The House On Sorority Row picture

Trivia: The deformed, mentally challenged killer, masked too with a mean overly protective mother seems to have taken inspiration from the first 2 Friday the 13th movies.


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The Keep picture

Trivia: When Alberta Watson and Scott Glenn are together for the first time, in the inn's spare bedroom, there is a mirror on the wall that shows Alberta's reflection but not Scott's, and Scott is standing between her and the mirror.


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Blue Thunder picture

Trivia: The registration number N77GH is visible on a gold placard on right surveillance camera' but only civilian aircraft are given November numbers. Military helicopters only have a series of numbers like on the tail. You aren't supposed to notice Blue Thunder's real "N" number, but it is there throughout the movie making it known it was truly a civilian helicopter.

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