Best horror movie quotes of 1983

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Sleepaway Camp picture

Billy: Eat shit and die, Ricky.
Ricky: Eat shit and live, Bill.

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Cujo picture

Donna Trenton: Damn this car.

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Psycho II picture

Norman Bates: Just, don't let them take me back to the institution.

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Jaws 3-D picture

Kathryn Morgan: Overman was killed inside the park. The baby was caught inside the park. Its mother is inside the park.

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The Dead Zone picture

Greg Stillson: My God! What a glorious day.
Sonny Elliman: Amen.

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The Keep picture

Molasar: Obey me! Or I will return you to the diseased state I found you in... and then I will slay both of you.

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House of the Dark Stairway picture

Bruno: Tennis balls?

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Christine picture

Buddy Repperton: Some shithead's following me.

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The House On Sorority Row picture

Dr. Beck: You're the last one of your friends alive. You're the bait.

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Car Passenger: Hey... you wanna see something really scary?

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