Best movie continuity mistakes of 1983

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Sleepaway Camp picture

Continuity mistake: When Meg comes up to Angela, taunting her, Angela's head position and the look on her face changes in each shot.

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Sudden Impact picture Video

Continuity mistake: When Harry enters the cafe, filmed from inside he is holding the newspaper in a different way from how he was outside.

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Nightmares picture

Continuity mistake: As the truck emerges from underground, it lands tearing off the front bumper. The scene cuts away for a moment, and we then see the truck turning around to face the camera, bumper intact. (01:00:10)


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Krull picture

Continuity mistake: At the wedding ceremony, Prince Colwyn extinguishes his flame inside the basin of water. However in the next shot his baton is aflame again even though he only just put the fire out.

Hamster Premium member

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Brainstorm picture

Continuity mistake: As Mike and Karen walk the aisle at Lillian's funeral, she links her arm with his. The camera cuts to a wider angle and they're not touching. (00:59:50)

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Staying Alive picture

Continuity mistake: When Tony is trying out for the second show, he is shown wearing number 46. There is one shot of him wearing number 40, which was his number for the first tryout.


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Revenge of the Ninja picture

Continuity mistake: When Braden is confronted by Cho's mother, she throws a blade at him, which he catches and throws back, sticking it in her shoulder. She uses a blowgun and there are two shots of her with the blade in her shoulder and blood on her clothes from the wound. However, when she misses there is a shot of her using a smoke ball where there is nothing in her shoulder, nor is there any blood on her clothes.

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Local Hero picture

Continuity mistake: Jenny Seagrove takes Peter Capaldi to see Grey seals only it's clearly stock footage of sealions, totally different animals not found in Scotland.

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The Right Stuff picture

Continuity mistake: When the astronauts are putting on their space suits, Glenn gives a speech about morality. While Shepard rebuts Glenn's speech the space suit on the left of the clothes rack changes position throughout the sequence. It is at time at the right side of the section of the rack, turned toward the camera, turned away from the camera, moved close to the middle of the section of the rack. There is also an empty hanger that appears later in the shot when it was not there beforehand. (01:33:00)


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Stroker Ace picture

Continuity mistake: Right before Stroker gets into his car to start the race at the beginning of the movie the grandstands behind him are empty, in the next shot as they are coming around to get the green flag they are full.

StopNGo & Girls

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For Us the Living: The Medgar Evers Story picture

Continuity mistake: At the NAACP headquarters, Medgar Evers joins other people sitting at the table to talk with Sampson. The person sitting next to him casts a long diagonal shadow across the table in each wide shot, and a short one when the camera is on Sampson.

Sammo Premium member

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Yellowbeard picture

Continuity mistake: On the beach, Commander Clement has his arm wrapped around Triola. The next shot has Clement just putting his arm around Triola.

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Lone Wolf McQuade picture

Continuity mistake: When McQuade gets buried in his truck, as he's about ready to burst out of the ground, you see the camera getting a shot of the lights on the top of the truck. The lights that are shown are a different shape than they are in the rest of the film.

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Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone picture

Continuity mistake: When Wolff and Chalmers find the gang of raiders attacking the sail-driven ship, at one point there is a shot from the front of the ship showing no-one at the controls, then cut to a close-up of the controls and the old man is shown holding onto them trying to stop the ship. (00:14:34)

Jack Vaughan

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Going Berserk picture

Continuity mistake: When John is holding the groceries in the hallway and drops them, the items and bag fall to his right. In the next shot, the items and bag are all the way to his left.


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The Haunting Passion picture

Continuity mistake: When Julie approaches the bathroom when the shower's running there's no steam on the mirror, it gets steamed up only a few seconds later.


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Thieves and Robbers picture

Continuity mistake: Tomas Milian jump balconies at night. Then he sees the murder and escapes from the hotel room. Next he drives the car and all of a sudden it's day. (00:32:20 - 00:35:05)


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