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An American Werewolf in London picture

Alex: David, please be rational. Let's go and see Dr. Hirsch.
David: Yeah, be rational. Sure. I'm a fucking werewolf, for Christ's sake.

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Student Bodies picture

The Breather: [On the phone.] I'm gonna kill next at the football game. Click.
Ms. Van Dyke: Did you hang up?
The Breather: No, I just said "click."

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Mommie Dearest picture

Joan Crawford: Why can't you give me the respect that I'm entitled to? Why can't you treat me like I would be treated by any stranger on the street?
Christina Crawford: Because I am not one of your fans!

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Night of Terror picture

Mark: You're getting a raise out of me all right, but it has nothing to do with money.

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Omen III: The Final Conflict picture

Damien Thorn: Nazarene, you have won... nothing.

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Ghost Story picture

Don: You're dead.
Eva: And you will be, too. Dead and wet and cold.

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The Evil Dead picture

Linda: We're gonna get you. We're gonna get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.

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Friday the 13th Part 2 picture

Vicky: What does the winner get?
Mark: What does the winner want?
Vicky: Guess.

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The House Outside the Cemetery picture

Bob Boyle: Ann? Mommy says you're not dead. Is that true?

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My Bloody Valentine picture

Axel Palmer: You seen Sarah?
Jessie 'T.J.' Hanniger: Ain't my turn to watch after her.

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The Burning picture

Karen: You're crazy.
Eddy: Yeah, I know. Crazy for you.

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Halloween II picture

Sam Loomis: I shot him six times! I shot him in the heart, but... he's not human.

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Cannibal Ferox picture

Rudy: There's something I can't figure out.
Gloria Davis: What's that?
Rudy: I don't know.

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Scanners picture

Paul Ruth: I want you to access the Ripe program. I do not have ConSec computer clearance.
Cameron Vale: Neither do I.
Paul Ruth: But you do have a nervous system. And so does a computer. And you can scan a computer, as you would another human being.

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X-Ray picture

Susan: What do you want, Harold?
Harold: What I've always wanted Susan, your heart.

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Zombie Lake picture

Morane: Let's get away from this heap of hicks.

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The Funhouse picture

Mrs. Harper: I don't see why you wanna waste your time with a guy who works in a filling station.
Amy Harper: It's a first date, Mama. We're not getting married.

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Final Exam picture

Radish: Aha. Shades of Watergate.

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Wolfen picture

Edddie Holt: It's not wolves, it's Wolfen. For 20,000 years Wilson - ten times your fucking Christian era - the 'skins and wolves, the great hunting nations, lived together, nature in balance. Then the slaughter came.

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Graduation Day picture

Kevin: You know, Laura was crazy about you. It was always Anne this and Anne that. She idolized you.
Anne Ramstead: She was all I had. Everything's different now.
Kevin: Laura's still with me. She'll always be with me. That'll never change.

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