Best horror movie plot holes of 1980

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Friday the 13th picture

Plot hole: When Brenda is thrown out the window, Alice immediately runs outside to see Mrs. Vorhees pull up in the jeep. How can this be if she just threw Brenda in the cabin?

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Dressed to Kill picture

Plot hole: After his mother's death, Peter sets a camera up outside her therapist's office, so he can see who goes in and who comes out; he thinks his mother's killer might be one of the doctor's patients - a tall woman with long blonde hair. All he sees is people going in and people coming out, and then he sees her - the tall blonde. Problem: He never saw her going in, only going out, which is critical, because the killer is the therapist - a tall man - wearing a long blonde wig and make-up. Of course no-one says anything about "We never saw her going in, only out, so it must be the therapist!"

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The Fog picture

Plot hole: When the fog finally hits the lighthouse and is seeping in, the generator is hardly audible vs. how loud it was when it was first started.

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Altered States picture

Plot hole: In the last tank experience, the ones watching are looking at a morphing of Dr Jessup's face. Problem is: There's no camera in the tank.

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Prom Night picture

Plot hole: If they've got a suspect for Robin's death why didn't they question him and make sure his alibi was true or not? It's never revealed, just them seemingly assuming this guy did it.

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Terror Train picture

Plot hole: When the conductors go back to the washroom the killer's in his victim's costume, room clean. He couldn't have cleaned up all that blood that quick with just a few rags.

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