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Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) picture

Peppermint Patty: False! Why did you put down false, Chuck? The answer is true, Chuck! What's true is true! Put down true, Chuck, or I'll never speak to you again.
Teacher: Charlie Brown?
Charlie Brown: Ma'am?
Teacher: Is your partner giving you the answers?
Charlie Brown: Oh no, ma'am. She's not giving me the answers. Forcing, maybe, but not giving.

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Midnight Madness picture

Scott Larson: My brother doesn't know I exist, he didn't even remember my birthday.
Laura - Yellow Team: When's your birthday?
Scott Larson: Today.

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Popeye picture

Popeye: I hates sentiment. I is disgustipated.

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Animalympics picture

Singer: With you I can run forever... with you I can run forever.

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Herbie Goes Bananas picture

D.J.: Why do keep calling this car Ocho? Ocho means eight. Can't you read the numbers?
Paco: Sure I can read the numbers. Five and three are eight. Anyone knows that.

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