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The Hollywood Knights picture

Factual error: Tony Danza inserts the 8-track tape into the player upside down - as indicated by the tape's label.

William Bergquist
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Suggested correction: This entry is completely false. The problem with this scene is that Duke (Tony Danza) does not push the 8-track tape all the way in where it would click into place. It is very clear that the tape is inserted upright because you can read the tape's label. The person who posted that the tape is upside down only posted a blatant lie. I watched the scene just now for the 2nd and 3rd time to verify this.

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Smokey and the Bandit II picture

Factual error: The Bandit is in a showdown with Buford T. Justice in a desert mountain range shortly after crossing into Texas. There are no desert mountain ranges in eastern Texas.

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The Stunt Man picture

Factual error: A film about the making of a film. A car is filmed going off a bridge, and the footage is played back repeatedly. Throughout, the car is referred to as a Duesenberg, even though, in nearly every shot, the Mercedes tri-sected circle logo is visible above the radiator.

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Cheech & Chong's Next Movie picture

Factual error: When Chong is playing his guitar, using a monkey wrench as a slide, he moves it the wrong direction on the neck of the guitar to make the sounds coming from the guitar.

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The Blues Brothers picture

Factual error: When the Blues Brothers are trying to escape the Illinois Nazis, they are on a freeway heading through a construction site. They break through several barricades, jam on the brakes, and stop just before they go off of a bridge. They slam the car into reverse and flip through the air to escape. The Illinois Nazis go over the bridge. The bridge is in Milwaukee, WI. The tall white building in the background is the US Bank building in downtown Milwaukee, WI. As the Nazis fall to earth, they fall past a building in downtown Chicago, IL before going through the street on impact. The Nazis fell from Milwaukee, WI to Chicago, IL. (02:11:00)

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Where the Buffalo Roam picture

Factual error: The middle third of the film recounts Dr. Thompson meeting Laszlo at the 1972 Superbowl (VI) in Los Angeles, however, in 1972 the game was played in New Orleans.

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Stir Crazy picture

Factual error: At the end of the movie, they break out of prison and their lawyer finds them at the hangar. She tells them they are free and they celebrate and get in the car and drive off. Innocent or not, they broke out of prison. I highly doubt red tape would allow an official to say, "Oh well, never mind, we were gonna release them anyway." (01:46:25)

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Private Benjamin picture

Factual error: When the unit is preparing for the Jump, they follow none of the correct procedure for a jump, but the most glaring mistake is that none of the Parachutes are equipped with a static line (the bright yellow nylon strap, that the parachutist hooks to a cable inside the plane to deploy his chute automatically.) Airborne infantry units always make static line jumps, so the line should have been visible on every chute.

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Midnight Madness picture

Factual error: In the opening credits, Lavitas comes off the football field in a #12 football jersey, but later references that he and the rest of the Green Team are an offensive line. No matter what level of football (NCAA or NFL), an O-Lineman wouldn't wear #12.

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Caddyshack picture

Factual error: In the very beginning (2nd scene) just after Danny (the Caddy) eats and then jumps down from the backside of his house and hops on his bike to head to work, look in the background behind him and at about the 5th house or so he passes you will see a classic palm tree in the front yard. The movie takes place in Nebraska (which doesn't have any palm trees of course).

Tim Dickerson
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Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!!) picture

Factual error: When the Peanuts gang got to Victoria station, Travel Center is spelled the American way. Since it's England it should be "centre" (00:24:55)

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